ABB Announces Ability Remote Insights Augmented Reality

ABB, a provider of integrated automation solutions, is introducing an augmented reality platform designed to improve the ability of ABB and its customers to speed response times, extend asset lifecycles and assist with production performance.

ABB Ability Remote Insights for service uses commercially available headsets to assist field service technicians and expand the reach of ABB subject matter experts. The technology enables a field service technician to share his or her view of a situation using the device’s camera, and receive guidance directly from an expert through on-screen annotations, chat, and document sharing.

Augmented reality will enhance service delivery for ABB customers. Augmented reality technology heralds an new era for field maintenance of any ABB product or solution, such as measurement instrumentation and automation system components. ABB plans to implement ABB Remote Insight for multiple assets and in multiple industries.

ABB is working with several field service organizations and industry groups in developing further augmented reality applications that will provide enhanced service delivery using tools, tailored to meet customer needs.

For more information, visit ABB website.

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