ABB Ability Distributed Control System 800xA 6.1 Launched

The release of ABB’s Distributed Control System (DCS) 800xA 6.1 is intended to bring value to capital projects with flexible and efficient engineering.

ABB Ability System 800xA 6.1 introduces Ethernet I/O solutions, additional High Integrity controllers and a series of engineering tools such as a Ethernet I/O Field Kit, an Ethernet I/O Wizard for field commissioning and the possibility to engineer with signals in the Control Builder.

The Select I/O is an Ethernet based single channel I/O that uses xStream engineering to reduce project delivery schedules. Testing efforts and the hardware footprint are considerably reduced as well. Pre-tested, standardized cabinets can be wired directly to field devices and eliminate the needs for physical marshalling cabinets.

The version supports IEC 61850 Ed 2 which means that it is ready for new digital solutions, e.g. digital substations. The electrical integration capabilities in System 800xA offer detailed, real-time information on power consumption down to the individual loads and secure a steady electrical power supply. The system prevents blackouts and disturbances of operations.

System 800xA’s hardware is designed for small hybrid systems as it is for integrated automation applications. The system also includes support for two new safety controllers; PM857 and PM863. These characteristics in combination with Select I/O Safety Single Channel Modules expand the existing capabilities. The High Integrity controllers can be used for integrated but separate safety operations.

For more information, visit ABB website.

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