Abaco Systems Announces FMC134 RF Conversion Module

Abaco Systems has announced the FMC134 FMC+ FPGA Mezzanine Card Direct RF Conversion Module. It brings ADC performance and density: the card can operate as a 4-channel receiver at 3.2GSPS or a 2-channel receiver at 6.4GSPS. Using 16 of the available 32 high speed JESD204B lanes, the FMC134 is capable of a total maximum transfer rate of 200 Gigabits/second. It is fully compliant with the VITA 57.4 standard.

The critical I/O functionality provided by the FMC134 adds further strength and capability to Abaco’s growing mission ready systems offering.

The FMC134 is suited for applications including traditional and bi-static radar; multi-channel radar; digital beamforming; wideband receivers; wireless communication SDR; and signals intelligence receivers.

The FMC134 is built with expandability in mind. It supports FMC stacking, giving customers the ability to take advantage of unused signals for the possibility of up to eight ADC channels on a single FMC site at 3.2GSPS or four channels at 6.4GSPS.

The FMC134 includes two reference outputs and an external trigger input for multi-board synchronization.

For more information, visit Abaco Systems website.

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