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Tech-X Releases GPULib v1.4 for Math Functions

BOULDER, CO, Sep 20, 2010 - Tech-X Corporation of Boulder, Colorado, announces the release of GPULib v1.4. GPULib provides a library of mathematical functions that facilitate the use of high performance computing resources available on modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) by engineers, scientists, analysts, and other technical professionals.

What New in GPULib v1.4?

GPULib v1.4 supports CUDA streams, enabling concurrent execution of multiple kernels. The product also supports asynchronous data transfer. GPULib now leverages new features of IDL v8.0 enabling more seamless integration between the two products. The product also has an updated MATLAB interface. This release of GPULib also includes a variety of new algorithms, such as functions for sorting and large histogramming. GPULib v1.4 is compatible with CUDA Toolkit 3.1.

Tech-X at GPU Technology Conference

Our staff will be demonstrating this release of GPULib, including support for multi-GPU systems, in applications areas such as medical image processing and computational electromagnetic simulations at the GPU Technology Conference, being held September 20 - 23 at the San Jose Convention Center http://www.nvidia.com/object/gpu_technology_conference.html.

Expertise to Solve Complex Problems

By leveraging our expertise in high-performance computing and extensive domain knowledge modeling of processes and devices, GPULib enables users of MATLAB and IDL to take advantage of GPUs from within these high-productivity languages. Tech-X offers product training and product usage consulting to help customers leverage the investment in GPULib as quickly as possible. The company also provides consulting services to help customers accelerate their applications by implementing computational kernels for GPUs.

For more information on GPULib, visit http://gpulib.txcorp.com.

For more information on GPU Consulting Services, visit http://gpucomputing.txcorp.com.

About Tech-X Corporation

Tech-X Corporation is committed to technical excellence and innovation. Our technical staff addresses specific research questions and delivers quantifiable results, culminating in specialized skills, advanced technologies, and commercial products that enable large-scale computing solutions and offer a greater understanding of physical processes. Among our core competencies is the simulation of processes, devices, and physical systems related to plasma physics, fusion, and accelerator technologies, performed on computer systems ranging from desktops to Grand Challenge class high-performance computers. By creating software for simulations and the infrastructure to support our research development, we are able to increase our understanding of complex physical phenomena.

For more information, visit http://www.txcorp.com.


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