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Holistic City Releases CityCAD 2.0 Urban Design Tool

LONDON, UK, Jun 30, 2010 - Holistic City Software is pleased to announce the release of CityCAD 2.0 - a major new upgrade to their conceptual urban masterplanning CAD application.

CityCAD was created for city masterplanners who are frustrated by constantly recalculating large quantities of data every time a masterplan design is changed during the design process.

CityCAD allows you to quickly sketch urban masterplans

It is an easy-to-use CAD application for conceptual urban masterplanning. Unlike other CAD software products, CityCAD was specifically created for the city design community and will automatically recalculate planning data (including floor areas, residential densities, costs, values, energy/carbon use) in real time as you sketch and modify your design.

Even if your team hasn't used much CAD software before, CityCAD will enable you to quickly sketch 3D models of large scale urban masterplans and easily test many different development ideas. You can also import your own information, such as existing masterplan drawings, maps, aerial photos or concept sketches.

CityCAD 2.0 includes many new features, including visualization of houses in residential blocks

Holistic City has assembled an all-inclusive subscription offer which includes technical support and all upgrades/new versions for the duration of your subscription. For a limited time until July 14th, a full commercial 6-month subscription package is available for only GBP 250 / USD 350. Significant discounts are available on non-commercial licences for educational use.

For more details on licence options please visit http://www.holisticcity.co.uk/store.

Rapid Masterplan Sketching

CityCAD has always been a very quick way to sketch urban masterplans in three dimensions, and the latest release will enable you to explore concepts and create high quality design faster than ever before.

This exciting new release includes parametric visualization for detached housing blocks - enter a density and watch as the houses get closer together or further apart.

Other features include a new City Design Assistant panel where you can access online help, do batch editing of offers rapid creation of blocks of a certain size, as well as customized urban gridiron layouts.

  • New library of batch editing features - for example change the no. of storeys of several blocks at the same time.
  • City defaults have been replaced with easy-to-use Block, Route, City Item, Tree and Land Use Managers, where you can create and manage your own custom libraries of settings. Settings can be easily 'painted' on to elements in your masterplan using the new Apply Settings tool.

Advanced City Analysis

City analysis - and the ability to quickly relate spatial information to numerical information - is a key part of the value that urban design software can bring to your work.

In CityCAD 2.0, a powerful new Advisor feature allows you to set detailed criteria and thresholds, and be alerted if they are crossed. You can also define and apply custom parameters - including customizable environmental standards and ownership types.

New advanced liveability analysis provides real-time feedback on living space, access to services (average and maximum distance to places eg. schools, bus stops, post boxes), active frontage and diversity. Advanced sustainability analysis displays the total units or GFA according to environmental standard, and can detect the orientation of rectangular blocks.


CityCAD began as a research project that applied BIM (Building Information Modelling) principles to the urban masterplan scale. A prototype software product codenamed 'Masterplanner' was created in early 2005.

Holistic City released a small street design tool later in 2005 called Streetscape, which was later upgraded to Streetscape Pro in 2007. Both are available for download free of charge.

CityCAD 1.0 was launched in June 2008, and an ongoing programme of development and improvement based on customer feedback has culminated in the release of CityCAD 2.0 in June 2010. We continue to explore ways that CityCAD can assist the creation of sustainable, liveable cities, and are always grateful for feedback on how our software could help your work.


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