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GstarCAD 2011 Released

Company recognized by World Intellectual Property Organization

BEIJING, China, Feb 14, 2011 - GstarCAD, a leading provider of 2D/3D CAD software and a recent WIPO Award winner, has announced the release of GstarCAD 2011 version. The powerful yet intuitive computer-aided design solution has been improved to provide compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and AutoCAD and ensure increased productivity for its users.

Developed to facilitate speed drafting and design, GstarCAD is based on IntelliCAD technology. The software platform offers its users a comprehensive solution allowing them to reduce costs, boost productivity and help a designer make the most of his time. To increase user satisfaction the developers enhanced the latest version adding full compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, AutoCAD from R2.5 to 2010, and other AutoCAD apps.

The new version offers a number of new features including transformation from 3D model to 2D drawings, advanced Drawing compare, text field and more. GstarCAD 2011 also boasts the new sophisticated and convenient Ribbon user interface providing easier and faster access to its extensive functionality.

Meanwhile, GstarCAD’s achievements in the field of intellectual property use and protection have been officially recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). At the WIPO Award Ceremony which took place during the Third China International Copyright Expo the company was given WIPO’s Utilization Award for its continuous promotion of software copyright protection.


About GstarCAD

GstarCAD is the fast, powerful and DWG-compatible CAD software for the industries involving AEC, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, GIS, survey and mapping, civil, etc. It is the world-class 2D/3D CAD (Computer aided design) software platform based on IntelliCAD technology. GstarCAD's powerful functions, AutoCAD-compatible programming platform, cost-effective solution and ease-of-use operating interface ensure that your design inspiration comes true skillfully and thoroughly at high speed.

For more information, visit www.gstarcad.net.


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