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Engineered Software CEO Recognized for Pump Guidebook

LACEY, WA, May 5, 2009 - Ray Hardee, P.E., CEO of Engineered Software, Inc., was recognized by the Hydraulic Institute (HI) for his contributions as a key member serving on the Hydraulic Institute/Pump Systems Matter “Optimizing Pumping Systems Guidebook” (OPS) Committee, which led to publication of the 250+ page guide in 2008.

Hardee has contributed dozens of articles and papers to various magazines and standards publications and has recently published his own book, “Piping System Fundamentals.” His latest contributions to the new guide follow on his companywide practice of promoting efficiency in all aspects of energy use.

Based on the collaborative efforts of twenty-two industry experts, the guide explains how optimizing both existing and new pumping systems, and purchasing based on lifecycle cost, can lead to increased profitability through a reduction in unnecessary, expensive energy consumption and maintenance costs.

“Auditing and optimizing existing pumping systems can reduce plant energy costs as much as 50%,” Hardee said. “The key is matching pumps properly to the system’s requirements, and changes such as these, will typically improve reliability and offer savings on MTBR (Mean Time between Repairs).”

The guide covers a range of topics including Pump Fundamentals, Pump and System Interaction, Calculating Cost of Ownership, Improving the Performance of Existing Pump Systems, Optimizing New Designs, Pumping System Economics, and Opportunities to Improve Lifecycle Performance.

“This is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the design, engineering, and installation or servicing of pumping systems,” Hardee said. “The guide has made a significant contribution to the understanding of the subject matter among end-users and pump OEMs serving as the basis of new educational curriculum being designed around this issue.”

For information on purchasing the OPS Guide referenced above, please visit HI’s e-Store at http://estore.pumps.org

For information on author Ray Hardee, please click here.

Engineered Software, Inc. is a sponsor of Pump Systems Matter (PSM), an organization created by HI to assist pump users and address strategic energy management and pump system performance and optimization.

For more information about the Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter, please visit www.Pumps.org. and www.PumpSystemsMatter.org

About Engineered Software, Inc.

Founded in 1982, Engineered Software, Inc. has created products known worldwide for high end-user satisfaction rates. The company has two award-winning product lines – PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO Solutions. Recognized as the best in the industry, the programs’ interface was developed and refined based on over 25 years of customer feedback. Engineered Software is also the creator of Flow of Fluids Premium software, and holds an agreement with Crane Valve North America to produce, market and sell their Technical Paper, TP410. Engineered Software, Inc. has more than 5,500 clients worldwide across a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, chemical processing, engineering design and consulting, food and beverage, oil and petrochemical, mining and metals, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper, waste water collection and treatment and education.

For more information, visit www.eng-software.com.


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