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Caddie 16 Includes 3D Architectural Modeling

BEDFORD, UK, Nov 1, 2010 - Caddie 16 is launched making 3D architectural modeling as easy as drawing Advanced Computer Solutions launched Caddie 16 in the UK to a packed house in Birmingham on 7th October.   This latest version of Caddie provides users with seamless industry standard compatibility through its native .DWG drawing format along with the ability to create, edit and work with AutoCAD Architecture objects and models.


AEC Tools Presentation Illustrates Speed Advantages

In a lead presentation, Dan Kantorowich of McDonald Architects, a long standing UK User Group member, demonstrated how his practice had successfully utilized Caddie's AEC tools in its refurbishment of a Tennis Club to produce building plans, sections and elevations with greater ease and speed than using traditional CAD drawing methods.

Users were shown how they could use Caddie's AEC functionality to create multi-element walls complete with plaster lines and cavity closers, add doors, windows, stairs, roofs and dormers, then amend their designs to accommodate changes using simple to use 'pick-and-point' object grips and property dialogues.  And by deriving plan, section and elevation drawings from a single cohesive building model rather than disparate 2D views, users were shown how design modifications could be effected in the model then reflected in all orthographic views with the click of a mouse.

Commenting on the presentation, ACS MD, Derek Bretherton said, 'Architects often tell us they would like to work in 3D, if only it were as easy as drawing.  By sticking to Caddie's core principles of ease of use and providing tools to make the difficult things easy, Caddie 16 offers designers a practical alternative to line drawing.'

New Functionality Introduced

The day continued with a series of presentations by ACS introducing the latest features and enhancements in Caddie 16, showing users how to utilize the new functionality into their workflow to produce information more quickly.  Users were shown improvements to both core functionality and a range of the specialist Caddie applications, along with an introduction to the new Survey Application from Cadastral Computing designed to meet the needs of users working with data from Trimble Stations and GPS. "

Everyday Working

Caddie takes its already intuitive interface to a new level with the addition of new functionality to the Context Sensitive Menu and Properties Dialogues, giving users instant access to a range of selection specific tools designed to speed up every day working, including;  Layering and Display options, Object modifier tools and a range of AEC commands.  Object selection for working and editing now includes the full range of polygon, trace and pattern options to compliment the Quickselect and Object type filtering already available in Caddie 15.  Printing functionality is now enhanced with new batch printing options, along with an enhanced PDF writer that preserves switchable layering information to aid in drawing submissions. "

Enhanced AEC Tools for Faster Architectural draughting and Modeling

Whether choosing to model in 3D or draw 2D plans, sections and elevations, Caddie 16's latest AEC tools provide the means to 'draw' many times more quickly than by traditional line drawing.  Users can now make use of the enhanced functionality to model even the most awkward buildings with walls that vary in thickness and including raked reveals, employ curtain walls for shop fronts and offices, and create 3D steel layouts offering a more integrated approach to design.  Railings can now be added to stairs from the Context Menu, with the provision for changing style and layout via Object Properties.  Dormer roofs can now be added and include comprehensive options for size, shape, window and roof type, and users can now add fascia and soffit profiles to their roof slabs.  And for site models, Mass Elements can be created from Polylines overlaid on the aerial photograph mapping data, imported using Caddie's survey tools, to produce fast and effective site appreciation studies.? "

Digital Terrain Modeling and Cadastral

Enhanced functionality is now included to convert the contour information from providers such as Promap into full 3D site models adding to the existing ability to transform 2D site data into a Delaunay TIN model which can be sectioned, remodeled and smoothed using Caddies DTM tools.  The new 'Color by Gradient' facility and volume difference calculation options also allow users to can gain insight into a sites topography and the impact of their proposals in just a couple of minutes.  Caddie 16 also includes a new Cadastral application for use with data from Trimble Stations and GPS, providing greater power to view and manipulate information, all within the drawing environment. "

3D Photorealistic Rendering applied to walkthroughs The VIO rendering application for Caddie Professional has been enhanced to include the option of producing high quality 3D photo-real walkthroughs as SWF files direct from Caddie for use in advertising and Planning submissions.

Caddie 16 Professional includes applications for;

"AEC Modeling Create, edit and work with AutoCAD Architecture objects in their native format. "

"Digital Terrain Modeling Automated sectioning and volume difference calculations from 2D and 3D survey and contour drawings. "

Survey and Cadastral

Input of survey information from Total Stations, data files and GPS, setting out tools with coordinate tabulation, and links to aerial mapping sites


BS Steel sections as 2D drawings and 3D AEC objects


"Mechanical tools, symbols and drawing aids


Road, sections, GA tools and vehicle turning circles


Planting layouts with automatic scheduling With the option of the integrated rendering application.

Caddie VIO

Photorealistic rendering, shadow studies and walkthroughs.

For more information, visit www.caddiesoftware.com.


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