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Tekla, HGG to Unveil Tekla Structures 15 for Steel Tube

ESPOO, Finland, Mar 17, 2009 - Tekla and HGG started cooperation on developing a standardized software solution for the steel tube industry in the fall of 2007. As a result, Tekla Structures 15, scheduled for release in the end of March 2009, will introduce a solution for producing required control data for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery in standard open XML format. Tekla Structures is the only solution on the market to cover all 3D tubular structures from design and detailing to automatic fabrication.

Up until today, data transfer with tubular sections has been possible but it has required several manual operations and editing of data to complete the process. By completing the 3D building information model (BIM) with a wide range of tubular connections it is now possible to export information to tube profiling machines by using open XML as the new industry standard.

Tekla and HGG integrated solution for modeling and manufacturing tubular steel structures includes: full range of components in Tekla Structures to cover the needs for modeling tubular structures; the new component types are offshore saddle (AWS) and offshore chamfer, saddle and hole, mitre and hole, chamfer and slotted hole integrated export of complete manufacturing information from the model directly to 3D tube profiling production XML format-based industry standard for transferring data that is open to any tube profiling machine company or design software supplier visualization module for 3D representations of cutting shapes on tubular structures

All information about tubular sections can now be managed and kept up-to-date in the 3D building information model so that all data for fabrication can be extracted from one source. This does not require any manual input or editing anymore. Even complex tubular connections can be handled automatically.

In more detail, the objective has been to enable input of required parameters, such as root opening, shrinkage, bevel, and profile type, into Tekla Structures. The new NC application creates the required control data file in XML format from these parameters, and HGG calculation module generates contour information from this file which will be used as input when visualizing weld preparations.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Saku Järvinen, Marketing Manager of B&C Steel Segment at Tekla Corporation in Espoo, Finland. Tel. +358 40 707 1622; e-mail saku.jarvinen (a) tekla.com

Mr. Igor Gieltjes, Sales Manager at HGG profiling Equipment BV in The Netherlands. Tel. +31 227 50 40 30; e-mail ig (a) hgg.nl

About Tekla Corporation

Tekla's model-based software products make customers' core processes more effective in building and construction and infrastructure management. Tekla Corporation has area offices and partner organizations worldwide. International operations account for nearly 85% of net sales. Founded in 1966, Tekla is one of the longest operating software companies in Finland. Tekla Structures BIM (Building Information Modeling) software encompasses specialized configurations for structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, concrete detailers and manufacturers, and construction companies.

For more information, visit www.tekla.com.

About HGG

Founded in 1984, HGG is a specialist in the field of steel profile cutting and the only company that is fully devoted to this specific technology. Machines developed and produced by HGG combine plasma cutting with oxyfuel cutting and are supplied to companies worldwide. HGG provides engineering and producing of pipe and profile cutting solutions and offers cutting services worldwide. HGG's Management Information System (MIS) ProCAM offers added functionality such as industry-specific tools (e.g. can rotation for the offshore industry), integral production management (e.g. return signals confirming processing), project planning (e.g. estimated production times) and much more.

For more information, visit www.hgg.nl.


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