3D-Tool CAD-Viewer v12 Released

3dtool_logoWEINHEIM, Germany, Mar 1, 2017 – 3D-Tool launched version 12 of the 3D-Tool CAD Viewer recently. It presents itself in the modern Windows 10 design. Use with 4k monitors and touch screens has been optimized. The 3D interfaces for all major CAD programs have been updated. 3D-Tool Premium now supports among others: Siemens NX 11, CATIA V6R2016, Creo 3, SOLIDWORKS 2017, Inventor 2017, SolidEdge ST9, as well as the display of product and manufacturing information (PMI). New 3D file format additions are: JT, CGR and 3DXML.


For the evaluation of molded parts in tool making, drafts and undercuts are displayed in different colors. In order to estimate the clamping forces for molded parts the projected area is calculated. (Picture courtesy: 3D-Tool website)

3D-Tool offers useful tools for detailed analysis of 3D models. Many of the tools have been either simplified, augmented, or made more user-friendly. At the push of a button, 3D-Tool provides the dimensions, the surface area and the volume for all parts of a model. Distances, angles and radii can be measured with simple mouse clicks. In addition, the models can be published together with the 3D tool viewer and thus used on other computers without a 3D-Tool license.


To create exploded views, the parts of a 3D model can be exploded automatically in the X, Y, and Z direction, or moved and rotated manually into position. (Picture courtesy: 3D-Tool website)

The 3D-NativeCAD Converter included in the 3D-Tool Premium version allows the conversion of native 3D CAD models from CATIA, Creo, Siemens NX and other CAD programs into the 3D exchange formats STEP, IGES, VDA, SAT and, new in V12, Parasolid.

There are three versions of 3D-Tool available: Basic, Advanced and Premium – in a price range between 150 and 600 Euro. They differ in the supported file formats. For example, the Basic version supports STL, 3DS, VRML and other 3D visualization formats; while the ability to open native CAD formats and the 3D-NativeCAD Converter are available in the 3D-Tool Premium version.

The affordable and user-friendly CAD viewer 3D-Tool can be tested once for 14 days. The Trial download, Free Viewer, and further information can be found on the 3D-Tool website www.3D-Tool.com.

About 3D-Tool

3D-Tool GmbH & Co. KG is located in Weinheim, Germany and has been continuously developing their CAD-Viewer 3D-Tool for more than 12 years. The development team, led by owner and engineer Ingo Wulf, focuses on practical relevance and intuitive handling. A professional in-house support team emphasizes the strong customer focus of the company.

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