3D PDF Consortium Partners with NSAM

BEAVERTON, OR, June 1, 2017 – 3D PDF Consortium has announced its newest technology partner.

The Naval Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing Center (NSAM) is a Navy ManTech Center of Excellence, chartered by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop advanced manufacturing technologies and deploy them in the US defense industrial base. NSAM’s primary goal is to develop and fund projects that drive manufacturing improvements and ultimately reduce the cost and time required to build and sustain Navy surface ships, submarines and aircraft. Specific focus areas include model-based tools and approaches that improve producibility, network-centric manufacturing, intelligent systems, modeling and simulation.

“The ability to view, share and use 3D CAD models is essential to NSAM successfully fulfilling the advanced manufacturing functions of its charter. This new partnership with the 3D PDF Consortium will provide NSAM with access to leaders in the industry and enable more effective engagement across the digital enterprise,” said Paul Huang, the Navy program officer for NSAM.

3D PDF Consortium executive director Jerry McFeeters said of their newest technology member, “We are extremely pleased to have NSAM become a member of the Consortium. We look forward to working with NSAM and engaging them in the Consortium’s resources and educational programming. In turn, this sharing of lessons learned and exchange of knowledge by our industry partners will support their team and help them achieve their manufacturing improvement goals.”

About 3D PDF Consortium, Inc.

The 3D PDF Consortium is a community of organizations representing a broad cross-section of industries and institutions. Small and large end user companies, software developers, and systems integrators are members of the Consortium. Member companies are dedicated to 3D ubiquity and working together to make that happen.

For more information, visit http://3dpdfconsortium.org/.

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