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Twitter – Be Famous for 18 Minutes

As a media person, I cover several industry events. A keynote at a tradeshow can provide the pulse of a company or an industry. It’s also a good place to judge how the company pitch is received. You can do this by listening for reaction. Applause is an indicator. Tweets are better. In fact, monitor the Twitter feed for an event and you don’t even have to attend.

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How NOT to do Social Media

(Article first appeared on The CAD Insider on Sep 13, 2011. It has been freshened up and posted here.)

Social media has transformed the world, from finding high school friends on Facebook to overthrowing governments with Twitter. It has found its way into the business, appearing foremost on the agenda of every marketer. Some get it. Some don’t.

After observing one great success and a few dismal failures, may I offer these rules for those still seeking to effectively use social media in the technology business to business arena?

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