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  • 72 Hour Patent - offers patent illustrations, Provo, UT
  • A-ibs - services like patent translation, Japanese patent searches, trademark searches with patent drawings, Hiroshima, Japan
  • AM Patent Drawings - full service pattern illustration, drafting company, offers design drawings, utility drawings, trademarks, Washington, DC
  • Amp Illustrating - full service illustrating company specializing in patent drawings, US and foreign, and trademarks, Morrisville, VT
  • Arrow Patent Design - site has utility sample drawings, design sample drawings and trademark sample drawings, Parker, CO
  • ArtistiCAD - drafting services in CAD outsourcing for patent, copyright, trademark illustration as per US, foreign patent guidelines, based in Silicon Valley, Northern California
  • BobBond - patent illustrations, block diagrams, court room graphics, blowups, Lynn, MA
  • CA Design - offers CAD based illustrations for IP law firms, inventors, Detroit, MI
  • CAD Illustration - offers technical illustrations, engineering/CAD drafting, patent , trademarks, Aliso Viejo, CA
  • Clairvolex - IP outsourcing services, patent proofreading, art searches, patent design, illustration, New Delhi, India
  • Compudraft - US and foreign, can handle prototypes, napkin sketches, uses AutoCAD, Photoshop, Deer Field Beach, FL
  • CORMC - patent drawings, illustrations for patent professionals, inventors, Atkinson, NH
  • Cotsis CAD - creates patent drawings through CAD, Chester, NY
  • Crossing International - provides digital patent, trademark drawings, also product art diagrams, Singapore
  • Crystal Clear Reflections - patent drawing, illustration services mostly for Eastman Kodak and now also worldwide, Menlo Park, CA
  • Dakatec - drafting, patent drawings, trademark illustration services, Mason, OH
  • DesignPresentation - prepares patent drawings in desired formats, according to guidelines set by patent office for filing patent applications, based in Princeton, New Jersey
  • DH Draw - offers CAD based patent drawings, design drawings, trademark drawing, patent filing, Glendale, WI 
  • Do-All Patent Drawings - design, utility, screenshots, flowcharts, medical, chemical, electrical schematics, Baltimore, MD
  • DR West - offers patent drawings for design, utility, PTO/PCT, project layout, logos, trademark designs, Las Vegas, NV, Israel
  • DPR Patent Drafting - patent illustration at affordable price, Waterford, MI
  • DraftInc - specializes in design patents, exploded perspective views and computer interface drawings, Hightstown, NJ (near NYC)
  • Drawings for Patents - patent drawings, trademarks domestic/foreign
  • EPIC - patent drawing services to IP firms, inventors, Rock hill, SC
  • Gallagher's Patent Drafting - offers patent drafting, technical drawings to law firms, product companies, academic institutes, Boston, MA
  • Global Patent Graphics - patent illustration company, offers illustrations, graphic design, animation for IP industry, Charlotte, NC
  • GraphTech Design - provides patent, trademark, technical illustration services, Waterford, MI
  • GreenTree Patent Drafting - see samples, can use VISIO, Fort Royal, VA
  • Guidetti & Guidetti - patent drawings for private and corporate attorneys, Queensbury, NY
  • Hottle - provides text, illustrations for manuals, also patent drawings, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
  • IDCS Reg'd - full service patent drawing for Canada, US and international patents, Cambridge, Ontario
  • IIG - offers formal patent drawings, trademark logos, Greenlawn, NY
  • Inspiro Media - offers patent, trademark illustration services, product designs, Hiram, GA
  • Invention Demos - services in patent drawings, illustrations, product visualization
  • IP Graphics -turns prototype, blueprints, sketches, even verbal description and creates patent drawings, Charlotte, NC
  • Jack William Smith - patent illustrator, offers patent, trademarks drawing, Minnetonka, MN
  • JBL Patent Service Co - web-based patent drawing service with automated access, Morristown, NJ
  • Keithley Patent Drafting Service - offers design, trademark, utility drawings, also prepare file copies, Arlington, VA
  • LegalCAD - full service for patent drafting, printing company for Law companies, Lansing, MI
  • OCPLD - prepares patent drawings in CAD programs from sketches, verbal instructions, client electronic files, photographs, drafted according to USPTO & international (PCT) standards, based in Aliso Viejo, California
  • MDAD - patent drawing services in various formats for utility, design, trademarks, 3D images, more, based in Georgetown, Indiana
  • Metz Drafting & Design Service - drawings for patent attorneys and inventors, Georgetown, IN
  • Midwest Drafting - full service patent drafting, Orange City, IA
  • MCP - offers patent illustrations through CAD
  • NB Graphics - offers IP patent drawings, drafting, engineering drafting, courtroom exhibits, Roswell, GA
  • Northern Virginia Graphics - provides patent, trademark drawing, drafting services, also litigation support, Falls Church, VA
  • Patents Ink - offers patent illustration service to IP law firms, inventors, Baltimore, MD
  • Patent Perspectives Technical Services - patent drafting, web design, programming, more, Lincoln, NE
  • Poray Patent and Illustration - patent drafting and technical illustrations, Rochester area, NY
  • Precision Illustration - patent drawings for the Intellectual property profession, Spokane, WA
  • Protek Patents - domestic and foreign patent drafting services, Milford, PA
  • Quality Patent Printing -US and foreign patent drawings and patent related services for small to large corporations and patent law firms, Arlington, VA
  • QuickDraw - offers patent drawing, prototyping services, Canterbury, NH
  • Quinn Patent - provides paperless patent drawing solutions, Dunkirk, MD
  • R & J - provides patent resource to US and foreign, utility, design pattern illustrations, Valencia, CA
  • RWK Design - also offers pattern drafting services for IP professionals, Frankfort, IL
  • Series 1 - patent drafting, photography service for lawyers, Durham, NC
  • Shawn Harward - offers services like web design, 3D modeling also patent drafting, San Antonio, TX
  • Sunset Beach Design - offers pattern illustration services for US, Great Britain, ON, Canada
  • Superior Designs - patent drawings, plus full engineering support services such as drafting, graphics, animation, St Charles, IL
  • TDS - patent drawing services, Endicott, NY 
  • T&G Associates - patent services for drawings, description
  • Tecdra Patent Graphics - design and utility patent illustrations, plus illustration services for trademark logos, McKinney, TX (near Dallas)
  • Technical Publication Associates - patent drawings and tech illustration for industrial, agricultural, commercial, on-highway and off highway equipment, Morton, IL
  • Tipton - law outsourcing firm, provides patent drawing services for utility, design, trademarks, Hyderabad, India
  • TPA - patent illustrations, technical writing services, also offers photo scanning and enhancements, ordinance codification, Morton, IL
  • WhiteLight Design - offers patent drawing service, also technical assessment of invention, Lawrenceville, GA

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