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  1. U.S. Geological Survey: Water Resources of the United States - data, projects and resources nationwide
  2. Water Librarians' Homepage - huge list of useful links in the field of water resources, including agencies, databases, publishers, organizations, libraries and mailing lists
  3. C. P. Kumar's Links to Hydrology Resources - lots of links
  4. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering - print, online version available for hydrology professionals
  5. Forest Engineering Hydrology Lab - University of British Columbia's research program provides information about their research and lots of water resources links
  6. Hydrologic Information Center - the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Hydrologic Information Center's daily updates on floods, river/stream flow, drought, soil moisture, snow, water supply and meteorological outlooks in the USA
  7. U.S. Geological Survey: Real-Time Water Data - presents daily steam flow conditions across the U.S. and in other areas as reported by local U.S.G.S. stations
  8. Global Lake and River Ice Phenology Database - contains freeze and water breakup dates and other ice-cover descriptive data for 748 lakes and rivers throughout the Northern Hemisphere
  9. CCE at Illinois - environmental hydrology, hydraulic engineering courses
  10. Hydrology Forum - message board for hydrology professionals