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  1. Structurae, the International Database and Gallery of Structures - comprehensive in breadth and depth, gallery, links, view hundreds of bridges via this excellent resource
  2. The BridgeSite - choose among associations, bridge design software, book store, fun and learning, magazines, photo galleries, products and manufacturers, a very useful resource is "BridgeTalk - Bridge Discussion Forum" to discuss bridge-related issues with others around the world
  3. BridgePros - offers thorough list of project updates, lots of news articles, a newsletter, job listings, and many good links to other bridge sites
  4. How Bridges Work - basics of bridges from the "How Stuff Works" site
  5. Bridge Engineering Homepage - SC Solutions has created this home page as a service to the worldwide bridge engineering community, a very comprehensive and useful site with links to upcoming events, government agencies, universities and research institutions, associations, consulting companies, and more
  6. About Bridges - includes bridge dictionary and chronology of bridges with famous dates in bridge history
  7. Bridge Basics - spotter's guide to bridge types, by Bruce Cridlebaugh
  8. Load and Resistance Factor Design - information for engineers on how to use the engineers to better understand and use the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications
  9. Association for Bridge Construction and Design - resources include a forum, bookstore and links to information on bridge design and technology and historic bridges
  10. suggest a site
  1. Tacoma Narrows Bridge - site for the most dramatic failure in bridge engineering history
  2. Bridge Research: Leading the Way to the Future - famous bridge collapses, but complete only to 1995
  3. AASHTOWare new - designs, manages bridge management software used by transportation, infrastructure companies worldwide