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  1. Salary.com - salary wizard calculates salary based upon job category and location
  2. Salaries - based on 1998 data, by Commission on Professional in Science and Technology
  3. SalarySource.com - data on several job classifications but you have to pay to get it
  4. Salary Calculators - what is your equivalent salary in another city? List by TenLinks.com.
  5. R&D Magazine's Career and Salary Report - 2007 edition, survey performed in January, for scientists and engineers working in R&D section
  6. 7th Annual Compensation Survey - for structural engineers, article reports annual salary, bonus and raise, results based on 2007 survey
  7. EDN 2007 Engineering Salary Survey - registration essential for seeing the survey
  8. Engineering Salary Survey - list of salary surveys for engineers sorted on basis of job titles, by Thinkenergy Group
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