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CAM Products and Companies

  • 2Bot - inventor of 2Bot 3D model making system
  • 3D Systems - provides 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, manufacturing services 
  • 3Shape - uses CAD designs, 3D techniques, digitalized workflows, digital dentistry, hearing systems, 3D scanning
  • 5 Axis Pro - CNC milling software, provides toolpath, programming functionality for most complex jobs, by BobCAD-CAM
  • 5-Axis STL Machining - support for STL geometry meshes with the SWARF toolpath strategy
  • Actify - view, measure and markup 3D CAD/CAM models
  • Advanced Tubular Technologies - CAD and engineering software for tube fabrication industry
  • Alibre - 5-axis machining, graphical toolpath editing, tool support
  • Amphenol Aerospace - manufactures interconnect products related to military, commercial aerospace, industrial markets, uses CNC machining, die-casting, molding, plating, screw machining technologies, based in Sidney, New York
  • aPriori - deliver software and services that generate hard-dollar product cost savings for discrete manufacturing, manufacturing, design engineering
  • Apriso - offers manufacturing software, provides Flexnet solutions in synchronizing manufacturing operations, based in Long Beach, California
  • AspenTech - leading supplier of process manufacturing software for energy, chemicals, manufacturing, construction industries
  • Astra R-Nesting - rectangular sheet nesting software for optimized cutting of particle board, metal, glass, plastics, exports cutting layouts, also offers Astra S-Nesting software for optimizing true shape nesting, by Technos
  • ATD EDIT - CNC G-code editor with DNC
  • AlphaCAM - CAD/CAM system for Microsoft Windows platforms, by Licom
  • ArtCAM 2D - software for 2D/2.5D CNC engraving, routing, generates machining instructions for products from small pieces of jewelry to signs, billboards, from Delcam (reviews)
  • ATLANTIC découpe - designs and develops special  CAD/CAM applications for industrial cutting sector and manufactures postprocessors for numerical controls, based in France
  • AXYZ Automation - makers of CNC routers for manufacturing
  • BobCAD CAM - CAD/CAM software developer
  • Boothroyd Dewhurst - developers of design for assembly (DFA) and design for manufacture (DFM) software
  • CADCAM-E - CAD/CAM interoperability software
  • CadcamFX.com - CAD/CAM software, engraving tools, engraving/CNC machines and die cutting services, located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada
  • CAD/CAM Support - solutions for entire design, drafting, and manufacturing process
  • CADminTools - tool used in CAD license tracking with user database, by CADmin.co.uk
  • CAMplete TruePath Turn/Mill - G-Code editing, optimization, analysis, verification tools, simulation, by Methods Machine Tools Inc.    
  • CAM-POST - product suite to interface CAD/CAM systems to machine tools, by ICAM
  • CAM-Service - developers of CAM software solutions for NC machines, products include CAGILA
  • CamSoft - Advanced System 3000 for 2-5 axis machining on mills and lathes
  • like Simple PDM, Simple eRouting, Simple STATS, Simple Scan
  • CAMWorks - knowledge-based machining, integrated within SolidWorks, associated with CAD model, by Geometric Solutions (reviews)
  • Celeritive Technologies - generates effective CNC machine tools, cutting tools to operate at peak performance, developed VoluMill
  • CENIT AG - European supplier of software and services for CAD/CAM products such as CATIA, and developer of CATIA-integrated applications including LaserCUT,laser cutting multi-axis programming and simulation tool
  • CES Selector - software application offering extensive materials property data, advanced graphical analysis and specialist tools, by Granta
  • CIM Solutions & Networking - CAD/CAM systems and training
  • Cimatron - mold, tool, die modeling software, includes Cimatron E for tool design, Wire-EDM for creating toolpaths for 2D/3D-based part geometry for solids, surfaces, wire frames, Quick Tooling, ShoeExpress, for shoe sole, heel design, manufacturing (reviews)
  • CIMCO Integration - software products include CNC editors, DNC software for storing and retrieval of NC-programs, NC-program optimization, post processors and rapid NC-program simulation
  • CodeShark - hybrid CAD/CAM/DNC editor and programming system, from Soft Squad Software
  • COMPAL - CAE/CAM software for radical compressors, used to design compressor stage, analyze performance, refine parameters, model machine, by Concepts NREC
  • Comm-Tech CAD/CAM Systems - design, machining and mold-making software
  • Composite Applications - simulation software for automated fiber-placement, tape-laying machines, from CG Tech
  • Concepts NREC - providing manufacturers, users, government agencies, engineering community with software CAE/CAM services  
  • Control Emulator - software allows NC programmers simulate, test programs using machine code data, from ICAM
  • Corte Certo - panel and sheet cutting optimization software, generates efficient cutting plans on optimum sheet sizes for any material
  • CRISPIN - design, manufacturing software for footwear industry, by Delcam
  • CutViewer - toolpath verification software that simulates 2, 2-1/2 and 3 axis CNC machining, from TUDOR I/E
  • CyDesign Labs - offers model-based design optimization platform that enables organizations to design complex systems with better, faster results
  • Delcam - CAD/CAM software includes PowerSHAPE,  ArtCAM, PowerMILL, PowerINSPECT, PS-Shoemaker, PS-Estimator, CopyCAD (PowerShape reviews, PowerMill reviews, PS-Moldmaker reviews, CopyCAD reviews)
  • DentMILL - 3, 4, 5-axis dental CAM program anatomical copings, bridge frameworks, includes dental bars, inlays/onlays, implant bridges, by Delcam
  • DentalPlanit - patient case management for dental professionals, by Materialise Dental
  • DeskProto - rapid prototyping software for CNC milling, machining from Delft Spline Systems, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • DFMPro - tool performs upfront design for manufacturing validation, suited for machining, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication, by Geometric
  • DiEdifice - pressure die-casting design application
  • Digital Automation Systems - Windows and DOS-based DNC software including NC specific, editors, behind tape readers, tool management and communication hardware
  • DLT Solutions - value added reseller of software and hardware products and services, specializes in cloud computing, data center consolidation, utilities manufacturing
  • Dorner - manufacturing company offering industrial, packaging, sanitary conveyor automation solutions, based in Hartland, Wisconsin
  • DPM for Assembly - software for planning, designing and validating production system before product design is finalized, from DELMIA
  • EdgeCAM - suite of CAM tools including applications, from turning, prismatic milling to mold, die on single platform, from Pathtrace Engineering Systems (reviews)
  • EGS - offers innovative CAD/CAM solutions, 3D scanning, reverse modeling services designed for OEM market, headquartered in Lazzaro di Savena, Italy
  • eMachineShop - download free software, draw your part, click to order (reviews)
  • Emhart Fastening Teknologies - designs, creates assembly technologies,  products include TenLinks - software to help design engineers locate specific parts streamline assembly process - Virtual Innovation Center (VIC), Web-based version of this tool
  • ESI Group - virtual manufacturing software including PAM-DIEMAKER, PAM-STAMP, PAM-QUIKSTAMP, PAM-FORM, PAM-CAST and PAM-OPT for optimization 
  • ESPRIT - comprehensive CAM solution for production machining, includes support for multi-axis milling and turning machines, multi-function mill-turn and Swiss-style lathes, and 2-5 axis wire-EDM, from DP Technology (reviews)
  • eQuality Tech - offers advanced 3D scanning, data processing, reverse engineering, virtual quality control technologies
  • ExOne - develops advanced material systems, manufacturing processes while providing turnaround engineering services, based in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
  • eXtremeDNC - wireless DNC/CNC machine tool communications for CAFtecnoD/CAM systems
  • Eyelit - provides MES, QMS solutions for coordination of manufacturing operations, headquartered in Ontario, Canada
  • Eyelit Manufacturing - product suite delivering MES, asset management, product costing solutions, by Eyelit
  • EZ-CAM - makers of CAD/CAM applications (including EZ-Mill Express) for milling, turning, EDM and laser 
  • Fab It! - available with "Universal Scripting Engine" which allows users to write custom scripts, full applications in C/C++, Python, Perl, TCL, by Numerical Innovations
  • FARO - designs, develops, markets portable, computerized measurement devices, tools, software for digital model creation
  • FeatureCAM - product suite that includes FeatureMILL, FeatureMILL3D, FeatureTURN, SolidM, for 2½ axis milling, 3 axis milling, turning, feature recognition, from Engineering Geometry Systems
  • FieryCut - automatic nesting software for sheet materials, creates CNC programs for laser, plasma, waterjet, by ExactCAM
  • FISHER/UNITECH - engineering technologies firm solid modeling, industrial design, visual engineering, rapid prototyping services and C3P services to automotive suppliers, located in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois
  • FTI - software for sheet metal design, processing, stamping, and tool and die industries, including FASTFORM, BLANKWORKS, FASTBLANK, BLANKNEST and COSTOPTIMIZER
  • Geometric - CAM/CAD/CAE solutions company with experience in product engineering, manufacturing engineering, PLM and OPD
  • Geopath CAD/CAM - modules for milling (2 1/2D, 3D), turning, EDM and more, by SolutionWare
  • Geometric Tech/CAMWorks - CAD/CAM applications, including CAMWorks, for machining capabilities integrated into SolidWorks for 2.5-3 axis, multi-axis milling, 2/4 axis turning, rotary milling, wire EDM (reviews)
  • GibbsCAM - includes solid modeling, cut-part rendering, multi-surface roughing, finishing, knowledge-based machining, Wire-EDM module for 2-through 4-axis programming capabilities for machines supporting parallel, full height tapered, add-ins for interoperability with SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor. (reviews)
  • GOélan - CAM for milling, turning and wire EDM operations, by Missler
  • GMSWorks - CAD/CAM software for 2D and 3D wire frame, surface modeling and surface and solid rendering, from C-Solutions
  • Granta - develops software and provides material information management solution to enterprises based in manufacturing, aerospace, defense, energy, automotive sectors
  • Hyper CAD/CAM Solutions - provides CAD/CAM software and training for tooling industry
  • hyperMILL - geometry-oriented CAM software with 2.5D, 3D, HSC, 5-axis machining, by Open Mind
  • ICAM - integrated post processing, simulation, emulation 
  • IMS Software - provides NC post processing, verification, simulation services to manufacturing industry
  • IMService - tools, services include simulation, setup reduction, IGES to DXF translations software, Vcarvz, to create 3D toolpaths to carve letters, enclosed areas for CNC routers, mills, engraving machines, StlWork, CNC CAM program for producing prototype parts from STL files
  • Integrated PSE - NC manufacturing methodology for interactive post-processing, simulation, control emulation, from ICAM
  • IntelliCAM - IntelliCAD compatible parametric CAM system for wood, marble, aluminum working machines, design object, produce G-Code program, by CAD-CAM Solutions
  • intrinSIM - offers embeddable technologies for engineering applications, based in Clarkesville, Georgia
  • InventorCAM - software for CNC applications, integrated in Autodesk Inventor, toolpath associativity to Inventor model
  • iSIGHT - software for design optimization, automation, integration technologies, by Engineous Software
  • Javelin - flexible, scalable production planning system offering advanced functionality, while improving productivity, by Vero Software
  • JETCAM International - makers, suppliers orange of CAD/CAM software for sheet metal working industry covering punching, cutting (laser, waterjet) and unfolding
  • Kartik Cad Cam Consultants - developers of automatic nesting software, with special focus on CNC gas, plasma and laser cutting applications, including MOST 2D 
  • Kenesto - developer of Kenesto 2012, cloud automation process, people-centric, product-based and enterprise scalable
  • Kentech - developers of metal cutting software, including CNC programming and training applications, and also machine shop utility software
  • KeyMachinist for KeyCreator - enable rapid NC programming, CAD file translators and clean up utilities, directly read CAD files from more customers
  • Kineo - finds and generating collision-free trajectories within constrained 3D environment
  • Lantek - software company providing CAD/CAM/MES/ERP solutions for the sheet metal and structural steel industry worldwide
  • Liechti Engineering AG - offers 5, 6-axis airfoil machining, specializes in construction of machines designed for the production of complex flow profiles
  • Lundstrom Design - Touch-3D for Macintosh. Unfolds/unwraps 3D models into flat 2D patterns, works with CAD (Mac & PC), 3D, and illustration programs
  • MachineTools.com - provides an online marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of new and used machine tools and related goods and services
  • MachineWorks - software development toolkit for CNC simulation, verification
  • Machining Strategist - CAD independent, shop floor based, 3D CAM solution that generates finishing toolpaths from complex shapes, by Vero Software
  • Magics - import CAD formats and to export files ready for rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing, by Materialise
  • madCAM - 3D CAM plug-in for Rhino, helps perform modeling, toolpath creation in Rhino environment, by madCAMcnc
  • ManufacturingQuote.com - products include MfgQuote Enterprise, MfgQuote ProSupplier, other tools for buyers, suppliers of manufactured parts, to post, sort RFQs by criteria, analyze RFQ activity, collaborate with suppliers, also Market Watch, free try-before-you-subscribe service for suppliers of custom manufacturing (reviews)
  • Mastercam - CAD/CAM software for basic 2-axis machining, multi-axis milling, wire EDM, 3D design, surface/solid modeling, Mastercam Solids, from CNC Software
  • Materialize Dental - specializes in 3D digital implants, offers clinicians a comprehensive 3D system for accurate implant treatment, headquartered at Leuven, Belgium
  • MazaCAM - off-line programming system for Mazak CNC machine tools by SolutionWare
  • MCS - provides manufacturing data solution, for machine tools monitoring requirements, by Vero Software
  • MecSoft - manufacturers of VisualMill, solid model milling system targeted at shop floor users
  • MIE Solutions - offers ERP software for job shop and manufacturing industry, includes MIE Trak, MIE Dashboard, MIE Quoteit and more
  • Minerva - provides enterprise solutions for both PLM and ERP, manufacturing, productivity, specialized add-ons like technical productivity tools, more
  • Missler Software - CAD/CAM applications, includes TopSolid, TopMold, TopCam, TopElectrode, EDM tool add-on
  • ModuleWorks - 5-axis, CAM simulation technology provider for CAD/CAM companies
  • NCG CAM - standalone HSM CAM system for automatic 3D roughing, machining, integrates with Pro/E, SolidWorks
  • NCL CAM - toll for creating toolpaths for machined parts, multiaxis machining software, by NCCS
  • NCSIMUL - NC machining simulation, by Spring Technologies
  • Noesis Solutions - specialized in simulation process integration, Optimus, partner to manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and other advanced engineering industries
  • Numatix CNC Controls - developer of CNC controller for high-speed machining
  • NX CAM - manufacturing applications suite including tools for NC programming post-processing, high-speed machining, NURBS interpolation output digital validation, by Siemens
  • Okuma - develops machine tools with an impressive lineup of rigid CNC lathes, multitasking machines
  • OneCNC - makers of CAD/CAM software for mill, lathe, wire EDM, laser, plasma torch, waterjet and CNC router
  • Open Mind - offers CAM software like hyperMILL, combines 2D, 3D, HSC, 5axis and mill/turn machining strategies under a single, highly intuitive interface 
  • Paramach Ltd - specializes in developing web-based CAD/CAM applications for CNC manufacturing industry, headquartered in Coventry, UK 
  • PartMaker - software for programming CNC mills, wire EDMs, turn-mill centers, CNC Swiss-type lathes, by Delcam
  • PEPS - 3D CAM solution for generating optimum roughing, finishing CNC toolpath, by Vero Software
  • Plasma Module - tools for the study of low temperature plasmas, application in  light sources, semiconductor processes, surface coating, medical sterilization 
  • Planit - CAD/CAM design tool
  • Plataine - offers production optimization software solutions for manufacturers of composite-material, wood, textile, metal and foam products
  • PLUS 2D Metal - nesting software to optimize 2D glass, sheet metal cutting processes to reduce scrap generation, by Nirvana Technologies
  • PowerCAM - CNC programming assistant, links SolidWorks, MazaCAM, GeoPath into powerful programming system, by SolutionWare
  • PowerINSPECT - hardware-independent inspection CAM software, by Delcam
  • PowerMILL - 2, 3, 5 axis CAM software
  • PowerShape CAD 2013 - offers greater control in direct modeling, with simpler definition of move vectors and rotation axes, 2D nesting, by Delcam
  • Precision Cad/Cam Systems - developer of CAD/CAM hardware and software
  • Predator Software - shop floor automation, networking tools, including Predator Virtual CNC, Predator DNC, X_Net for DNC and Predator MDC for data collection
  • Product Search - search functionality that helps to locate specific industrial products, by ThomasNet.com
  • ProMill - solid/surfacing milling program that integrates gouge-free toolpath generation with cut material simulation, from Roland DGA
  • QuickConcept Split - stand-alone software that automates search and separation of core, cavity and side actions to reduce splitting time, from Cimatron
  • Renishaw - metrological, measurement software for CNC machine tools, probe systems, headquartered in Gloucestershire, UK
  • Renishaw OMV - PC-based on-machine verification software for machining centers
  • Robcad - workcell design and simulation tool that allows develop, simulate, optimize, validate multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes, by Siemens
  • Robotmaster new - integrates robotic off-line programming, simulation and code generation with CAD/CAM software
  • Roland DGA - makers of milling machines, including MDX-650 tabletop machine, which mills objects on all four sides for rapid prototyping and mold making applications
  • Sescoi - makers of WorkNC, toolpath generation software for surfaced/solid models in mold, die/tool businesses, WorkNC-CAD, WorkPLAN
  • SharpCam - CNC milling tool, features include pocketing, drilling, more, by SharpCam
  • ShopBot - tabletop milling machine
  • SimPlant - provides increased predictability for surgical procedures and prosthetic restorations using CAD/CAM processes by Materialize Dental
  • Simtek - engineering service provider offering CAD/CAM/CAE software like SolidWorks, Mastercam, Imold, headquartered in Chennai, India
  • SmartCAM - provides CAM software solution to programmers including toolpath modeling, milling, turning, fabrication, based in Oregon, USA
  • SmartPATH - software for optimizing rapid positioning toolpath motions generated by CAD/CAM systems, from ICAM
  • SMIRT - 3D CAM solution for die build stamping industry, provides roughing, finishing touches to CNC toolpaths, by Vero Software
  • SMP/IS Master Series - sheet metal fabrication software by Merry Mechanization
  • SofTech - makers of CAD/CAM applications, including ExpertCAM, ToolDesigner and Prospector
  • Soft Burn - CNC plate burner to scan connection material sheet, P sheet of plates, by Soft Steel
  • SolidCAM - manufacturing suite for 2.5D milling, 3D milling, 3+2 multi-sided milling, turning and wire EDM, integrated in SolidWorks
  • Solid Mill Turn - CAM software with multi-tasking machine tools, allows perform milling, turning operations simultaneously, from DP Technology (reviews)
  • SolutionWare - company offering CAD/CAM, CNC programming solutions to manufacturing industry, based in San Jose, California
  • SPRING - NCSIMUL software editor of CAD/CAM and PDM solutions and RAFT, virtual machine-tool for NC simulation
  • SprutCAM - 3D CAM software for tool path design, offering strategies from 2.5D to 4/5 axis simultaneous milling, lathe, Wire EDM 
  • Striker Systems - sheet metal CAD/CAM software for design, unfolding, turret punch press programming, laser/plasma/waterjet programming and true-shape nesting
  • SURFCAM - 2D/3D mechanical design, surface modeling, solid modeling, reverse engineering, prototyping, mold-making, pattern-making, production machining, by Surfware (reviews)
  • SYCODE - NC file import plug ins for AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Rhino and IntelliCAD
  • Syspro - provides software solutions and services ranging from manufacturing, distribution to financial services, ERP via the Cloud, process modeling, more
  • Tecnomatix - suite of software tools for developing, communicating and operating optimal manufacturing processes, by Siemens
  • Tebis AG - develops CAD/CAM systems for tool, die, mold manufacturing with services including installation, training, hotline support
  • Technodinamica - design machines for processing blocks of expanded polystyrene (EPS), engineering, industrial automation, based in Farra di Soligo, Italy
  • TOOL EXPERT - cutting tool management, by Spring Technologies
  • TOOL SIMUL - optimization of cutting conditions, by Spring Technologies
  • TopSolid’ Cam 7 - easy-to-use CAD/CAM software with intuitive user-interface, allows automate part machining, design cutting tools, by Missler Software
  • TopSolid’ Mold - fully integrated CAD/CAM mold-making software for designing ready to machine electrodes, by Missler Software
  • TPO FabricOptimizer - end-to-end total production optimization solution from freezer to autoclave, by Plataine
  • TruNEST - nesting software for aerospace, appliance, construction, automotive, boating industry, by Majestic Systems
  • TurboMatch - CAE/CAM software that links COMPAL, RITAL allowing users design compressor, turbine, generate performance maps, by Concepts NREC
  • Vantage Laser Tracker - laser tracking solution that produces competitive, high-performing products, accelerates product improvement initiatives, by Faro
  • Vero - makers of VISI for mold and die, PEPS for CAM, SMIRT for stamping, Machining STRATEGIST for shop floor CAM (VISI reviews)
  • VERICUT - detects potential collisions, areas of inefficiency, enables NC programmers to correct errors before program is loaded on CNC machine, optimizes NC program cutting speeds 
  • VerifyIt - toolkit for simulation, verification of NC-code based machining processes, supports turning, milling, Wire EDM, by HeilTech
  • VISI - CAD/CAM software services for mold, die industries, by Vero Software
  • VisualXPORT - CAM product allowing direct geometry transfer from various CAD systems, by MecSoft
  • VisualMILL - CAM software package for mold, die, tooling, wood working, rapid-prototyping, general machining, includes 2-1/2, 3, 4, 5 axis machining functionality   
  • VoluMill - online service creates tool paths, by Celeritive Technologies
  • VX - full-featured solid/surface modeling and CAM software (reviews)
  • WiCAM - maker of PN4000CAD for sheet metal
  • WIPLINK - manufacturing process management, by Spring Technologies
  • WorkNC - CAD/CAM software for mold, tool, die, by Sescoi USA
  • XVL Studio - makes 3D design data to 3D manufacturing data, to enable digital manufacturing, DMU, technical illustration, by Lattice
  • ZW3D - CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and CNC machining, by ZWSOFT

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