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Thermal Analysis
  • 2DynaEIT - algorithm for handling 2D forward, inverse Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) problems, from Dynaflow
  • 6SigmaET - software for designng, solving, analyzing thermal models, from Future Facilities
  • ADINA-Thermal - program for handling heat transfer problems in solids, structures
  • CALISTO - thermal analysis software, by SETARAM
  • CC-THERM - thermal heat exchange simulation software
  • CELSIUS - 3D thermal design, analysis tool for modeling of boundaries, by Integrated Engineering Software
  • C&R Technologies - provider of heat transfer, fluid flow design, analysis software SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, FloCAD, SinapsPlus
  • Coolit - thermal analysis of electronic assemblies, by Daat Research
  • COULOMB - 3D electric field design, analysis software suited for applications where design requires large open field analysis, exact modeling of boundaries, from Integrated Engineering Software
  • ElectroFlo - thermal analysis software combines power of thermal/electrical analysis with object oriented GUI, by TES, now available through Altair Partner Alliance
  • FloTHERM - software for performing thermal analysis, create virtual models, test design modifications of electronic equipment before physical prototyping, by Mentor
  • HeatWave - IC thermal simulator for chips, stacked-die SiP, from Keysight 
  • INDUCTO 2D - program offers coupled electromagnetic, thermal field analyses in 2D/RS domain, from Integrated Engineering Software
  • MAYA - makers of software that enables users to build individual thermal/flow models before connectting them into thermal/fluid simulation assembly
  • Mecway - user friendly integrated FEA package for Windows, includes modeler, STEP/STL/DXF import, static, dynamic, buckling, thermal, acoustic resonance
  • MotorSolve - electric motor design software for brushless dc, permanent magnet AC machines, combines templates with automated-FEA solver to calculate performance, by Infolytica Corporation 
  • MuSES - infrared signature prediction program providing complete thermal modeling, IR signature prediction, by ThermoAnalytics
  • PICLS - thermal simulation tool for thermal simulation of PCBs, from Cradle
  • SimScale - cloud-based simulation software allows heat transfer, thermomechanical analysis, thermal management in browser
  • SIMULIA PowerTHERM - thermal management software comes with conduction, radiation solver, from Dassault Systemes
  • Sinda - thermal simulation software for constructing complex thermal scenarios, from MSC Software
  • SINDA/FLUINT - heat transfer, fluid flow analysis using finite difference lumped parameter circuit or network analogy 
  • T3Ster - thermal tester for thermal characterization of IC packages, LEDs, from Mentor
  • TAITherm - thermal modeling software, applies multi-physics approach to solve thermal conduction, radiation, convection, by ThermoAnalytics
  • TAK 2000 - general purpose thermal analyzer. From K&K Associates
  • ThermNet - thermal simulation software, by Infolytica 
  • ThermoAnalytics - thermal analysis, modeling software products, including TAITherm, CoTherm
  • ThermoComp - thermal error management software eliminates a stage’s accuracy degradation, from Aerotech
  • THESEUS-FE - provider of numerical thermal simulations tool for arresting heat transfer problems