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Specialized Analysis Programs
  • 3DynaFS-Bem - general-purpose simulation tool for nonlinear dynamics of 3D free surface flows, by Dynaflow
  • Advanced Aircraft Analysis - software for serious airplane designer, enthusiast, kit builder, by DAR
  • Aerotech - manufactures  motion control, positioning tables/stages, positioning systems, Pittsburgh, PA
  • AFGROW - fracture mechanics, fatigue crack growth analysis software tool
  • AMPERES - 3D magnetic solver for simulating electromagnetic components, systems before manufacturing, from Integrated Engineering Software
  • ATS - provider of FEA modeling, simulation services including tank, vessel, piping systems, structural/thermal coupling, non-linear/time response analysis, design, structural optimization, more, based in Marietta, GA
  • AVL - automotive analysis tools for dynamics, acoustics of power units including EXCITE, AVL GLIDE, AVL TYCON
  • AVL BOOST - engine cycle, gas exchange simulation
  • AVL CRUISE - entire vehicle simulation, analysis, optimization of vehicle, vehicle components with regard to fuel consumption, emission, driving performance, transmission ratio
  • AXIAL - design, analysis tool for multistage axial turbomachinery including compressors, gas, steam, hydraulic turbines, pumps, by Concepts NREC
  • AxSLICE - scanned data processing to increase flow path redesign speed, blade geometry extraction process using raw data points 
  • AxSTREAM Platform - multidisciplinary turbomachinery design, analysis, optimization software, from SoftInWay
  • BEASY - FEA program specializes in crack growth
  • BIMBA - manufacturing company offering products based on actuation, fluid power, motion control technology, based in Governors Hwy University Park, IL
  • BOLTCALC - determines whether or not bolted joint will sustain forces acting upon it, by Bolt Science
  • CADRE Profiler - design section profiles including composite, multi-material sections, determine geometric properties for custom beam, by CADRE Analytic
  • cadRCS - radar cross section analysis software permits continuous assessment of ships, aircraft, other military vehicles during design, by CSS Denmark
  • CAEplex - web-based platform for finite-element analysis running in cloud
  • Ceetron - provider of 3D visualization applications for CFD simulations, based in Norway
  • CogniCAD - generative software product with automated workflow based on finite element analysis, computational geometry, from Paramatters
  • COMCO - creators of ProPHLEX computational kernel, available in software for hp-adaptive FEA, non-Newtonian fluid modeling, fracture analysis
  • COMPAL - CAE software for designing radical, mixed-flow compressors for single or multiple stages, by Concepts NREC
  • CTAADS - cooled turbine airfoil agile design system for blade cooling, by Concepts NREC
  • DEVICE DGTD - time-domain optical solver based on discontinuous Galerkin time-domain (DGTD) method for simulation, from Lumerical
  • DYNAFORM - die analysis solution, from ETA
  • Dyrobes - rotordynamics software tool offers vibration analysis, bearing performance, balancing calculations based in FEA
  • EDEM - simulation, analysis tool for particle handling, manufacturing, creates parameterized models for granular solids, by DEM Solutions
  • ESI Group - maker of virtual prototyping, virtual manufacturing software, including PAM-CRASH, PAM-STAMP, PAM-FORM, ProCAST, QuickCAST, PAMCAST for manufacturing
  • FANPAL - software for designing axial, radial, mixed-flow fans, both for single, multiple stages, by Concepts NREC
  • FASTENER - forces required to strip internal, external threads of fastener, by Bolt Science
  • FEBio - software tools for nonlinear finite element analysis in biomechanics, biophysics
  • Femap - engineering analysis program for building finite element models of complex engineering problems, view solution results, by Siemens PLM Software
  • Femtet - software comes with 3D solid modeler, pre/post processors, 7 types of solvers for analyzing electromagnetic field, mechanical stress, thermal conductivity, by Murata Software
  • FEMTools - CAE tool for analysis, scripting, works for structural simulation, FE model validation, more, by Dynamic Design Solutions
  • fe-safe - fast, accurate, east-to-use fatigue analysis tool for FE models, analyzes metals, composites, thermo-mechanical, creep fatigue
  • FLOW-3D CAST - metal casting simulation and process modeling software, from Flow Science
  • FTI - software for sheet metal design, processing, stamping, tool & die industries, including FASTFORM, BLANKWORKS, FASTBLANK, BLANKNEST, COSTOPTIMIZER
  • GEOMATE - makers of InventBetter Suite, GrafiCalc, ToleranceCalc, SectionCalc for engineering calculations
  • HEEDS MDO - CAE tool for design optimization, handles simulation, pre/post processing, by Red Cedar Technology
  • InfoWorks ICM - integrated modeling platform incorporates urban, river catchments, by Innovyze
  • MASTA - CAE software for design, simulation & analysis of driveline systems from concept through to manufacture, from SMT
  • MaterialCenter - tool links material specialists to mechanical simulation, works with commercial CAE products, delivers on-demand commercial databanks to engineers, by MSC Software
  • MITCalc - mechanical design calculations such as gears, springs, beams, more, Excel-based
  • MSC Fatigue - simulation tool for predicting durability of structural components, assemblies, from MSC Software
  • nCode - developer of durability, measurement, asset monitoring, test, data analysis, product design (CAE durability) services
  • NISA - software creates parameterized solid, surface models from any paper drawing for FEA analysis
  • ONELAB - open-source, lightweight interface to finite element software, offers mesh generator Gmsh, finite element solver GetDP Free
  • optiSLang - software for CAE-based sensitivity analysis, multidisciplinary optimization, design optimization, from MathWorks
  • PAM-CRASH - predictive virtual crashworthiness simulations for transportation industry
  • RecurDyn - CAE software suite with tools for designing, rendering mechanical parts of airplanes, vehicles, from FunctionBay
  • Ricardo - creators of several automotive analysis applications including WAVE for gas dynamics, engine simulation, VECTIS, CAMSPRING, ENGDYN, ORBIT
  • RITAL - CAE software for designing turbine stage, analyze performance, refine parameters with data reduction, by Concepts NREC
  • SimScale - full-cloud CAE software for performing simulations of CAD models 
  • Simcenter 3D - advanced stand-alone CAE application for predictive engineering analytics. works with data from any CAD source, NX CAD
  • Simright CAE Converter - online software for converting CAE models between different formats
  • SimulationX - interdisciplinary, multi-domain tool for analysis, design, optimization of complex systems on single software platform
  • SimuTech Group - engineering services company offers ANSYS FEA, CFD, electromagnetic simulation software, based in Rochster, NY
  • SmartDO - CAE solution focuses on practical smart global optimization technology, by FEA-Opt Technology
  • SoftInWay - develops flow path design software for AxSLICE, AxSTREAM, Axial Compressor, Turbine, Radial Turbine, provides technical engineering services, uses in-house, industry standard CFD, FEA, CAD tools to address design issues, Burlington, MA
  • SPDRM - CAE workflow management solution, by BETA CAE Systems
  • Strand7 - finite element analysis software with solvers that gives unparalleled functionality in single application
  • StressCheck - FEA software for utilizing p-version of finite element method, from ESRD
  • Toptimizer - online topology optimization software based on CAD models, from Simright
  • TORQUE - solution of problems related to torque tightening of threaded fasteners, by Bolt Science
  • TurboOPT II - CAE specialized design software provides optimization across every module in agile engineering design system, by Concepts NREC
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