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  • Aerotech - motion control, positioning, automation systems manufacturer, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Adams - multi-body dynamics, motion analysis software, by MSC Software
  • AR-CAD - 3D CAD Software with motion simulation capabilities Free
  • ASOM - kinematics software for analysis, synthesis, optimization of multi-bar linkages, from info-key
  • Creo Mechanism Design - simulation software for analyzing dynamic forces within mechanism's design, by PTC
  • DigiPara - elevator, escalator software vendor, based in Germany
  • Dynamic Designer Motion - CAD embedded motion simulation software, from DST
  • freeCAD - basic 3D CAD with advanced motion simulation capabilities, suitable for anyone interested in learning to use CAD for free before upgrading to commercial application Free.
  • iPOS360x SX Motion System - multi-axis motion technology with compact, ready-to-run solutions for applications up to 4 axes, from Technosoft
  • Liftdesigner - develops elevator configurations, intelligent elevator configurator, centralized component management, by DigiPara
  • MechAnalyzer - 3D model based software for solving kinematic, dynamic equations, analyze different types of mechanisms, from RoboAnalyzer
  • MechDesigner - software allows building assembly into very efficient kinematic forms
  • OptimumKinematics - software for computer aided suspension design, analysis, from OptimumG
  • Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Dynamics Option - software analyzes dynamic forces with powerful virtual prototyping solution, from PTC
  • SAM Mechanism Designer - kinematics simulation software for performing motion/force-analysis, from Artas Engineering
  • SCExplode - add-in for SpaceClaim users aimed to explode assemblies
  • SC-Motion - motion, dynamic simulation add-in for SpaceClaim users
  • Simpack - multibody simulation software, simulate non-linear motion of mechanical, mechatronic system, by Dassault
  • SimWise 4D - motion simulation, stress analysis, optimization software from DST
  • Technosoft - company specialized in developing motion control products, custom motion systems, based in Canton, MI
  • Working Model 2D - motion simulation CAE tool, helps replace time consuming, inaccurate calculations, by DST