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Geomechanical Products and Companies
  • ACG - mining research center, offers training products for geomechanics
  • Baker Hughes - provider of geomechanical software like GMI Geomechanics to understand effect of geomechanics on entire reservoir life cycle, headquartered in Houston, TX
  • CGC - geoscience company providing geological, geophysical, reservoir capabilities
  • DepthInsight Geomechanics - finite element based software, allows in obtaining computational grid converted directly from structural model
  • Drillworks - geomechanics software with tools for subsurface pressure analysis, monitoring, from Landmark
  • FLAC - numerical modeling software for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil, rock, groundwater, ground support in 2D
  • GEO5 FEM - program based on finite element method, used for determining geotechnical problems like terrain settlement, sheet pile/diaphragm walls, slope stability, from Fine Software
  • Geomechanics Module - add-on to structural mechanics module for simulation of geotechnical applications such as tunnels, excavations, slope stability
  • GEOSIM - coupled reservoir, geomechanics, fracturing, reservoir damage software for predicting reservoir problems, from CGG
  • GEOSTRU - software for detecting geological issues in 2D-3D environment
  • GeoRock 2D - software for 2D simulation of rockfalls using Lumped Mass, C.R.S.P. models, from GeoStru
  • GeoRock - Matlab-based software for geomechanical analysis
  • GeoSec - structural geology tool, offers insight about reservoir geometry, structural history of potential prospects, from Emerson Paradigm Holding
  • GeoStudio - software suite offers limit equilibrium stability analysis, six finite element applications for modeling geotechnical, earth science problems, from GEOSLOPE
  • GMXPredictor - reservoir geomechanics software uses Material Point Method (MPM) to model interaction between hydraulic, natural fractures, from FracGeo 
  • Irazu - geomechanical simulation software for solving rock mechanics problems in 2D, 3D, from Geomechanica
  • JewelSuite GeoMechanics - software for generating models that help defining safe operating window to maximize drilling performance, minimize drilling risk, from Baker Hughes
  • LogXD - platform for geosteering, used for visualizing, processing, interpret LWD petrophysical responses in high angle or horizontal wells, from Geo-Stratum
  • OpenGeo - geomechanical laboratory analysis software, from Addfor Engineering
  • Petrel Geomechanics - software offers environment for 3D preproduction geomechanics modeling or for 4D geomechanics modeling of fields under operation
  • RokDoc GeoMechanics - adds geomechanical model building to rock physics, quantitative interpretation package, from ikon science
  • Rockfield - offers software like Elfen Geomechanical catering to geomechanical oil & gas market, UK
  • Schlumberger Limited - company offers geomechanics software for assessment of geomechanical risks for reservoirs, surrounding formations
  • Trimble - integrates a wide range of positioning technologies like GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications
  • Trimble GeoSpatial - software for end-to-end aerial & land mobile mapping
  • Trimble Trident Office - software for processing large mobile mapping laser, image data sets
  • VISAGE - finite-element geomechanics simulator for predicting geomechanical risks, from Schlumberger