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General Purpose FEA
  • Abaqus - general-purpose, nonlinear finite element analysis, by Dassault SIMULIA
  • ADINA - general purpose finite element system for advanced engineering linear, nonlinear analysis of structural, heat transfer, field, fluid flow problems
  • Autodesk Simulation Mechanical - formerly ALGOR
  • AMPS Technologies - software for multi physics simulation, pre/post-processing for FEA, more. Products include AMPSolid, AMPS Explicit, AMPSol, AMPS, AMPView, AMPS Advanced
  • ANSYS - software for simulating interactions related to physics, structural, vibration, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electromagnetic
  • AnyLogic - simulation modeling software for professionals
  • ATENA - non-linear structural analysis software for reinforced concrete structures, by Červenka Consulting
  • CAESES - CAD platform for comprehensive design studies, comes with meshing, simulation tools
  • Ceetron - makers of high-speed 3D visualization, animation software for finite element analysis programs
  • CivilFEM - offers FEA tools for professionals, uses MSC Marc solver to perform complex analyses, from Ingeciber
  • COMSOL Multiphysics - general-purpose software based on advanced numerical methods for modeling, simulating physics-based problems
  • Creo Simulate - structural, thermal, vibration analysis solution with FEA capabilities, by PTC
  • DYNAFORM - tool used in CAD surface, CAE mesh, generates PO line, binder surface, layout, by ETA
  • Elmer - open source multiphysical simulation software offers physical models of fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, electromagnetics, heat transfer, acoustics
  • EngiLab Beam.2D - tool for linear static analysis of 2D plane frames for Windows
  • EnSight - post processing for CFD, FEA by CEI
  • EPLAN Preplanning - CAE software for technical preplanning of machines, plants
  • EPILYSIS - FEA solver aimed to bridge gap between pre-, post- processing for structural, NVH, optimization, by BETA CAE Systems
  • FEA Services & Consulting - offers structural, thermal, dynamics, nonlinear, fatigue analysis, fluid-structure interaction, design optimization, by American Engineering Group
  • FEMdesigner - basic FEA solver
  • FIN EC - offers programs for analysis of frame structures using FEM method, by Fine Software
  • FlexPDE - 2D, 3D field analysis such as electromagnetics, heat flow, chemical reactions
  • Ingeciber - CAE company offers simulation software, finite element calculation, developer of CivilFEM, based in Madrid, Spain
  • KeyCreator - analysis for CAD users, meant for users with limited FEA knowledge, by Kubotek
  • LapFEA - imports, exports, solves existing NASTRAN, pal 2 models, performs 3D stress, vibration analysis of structures, components, mechanical systems. Runs on both Windows, Macintosh OS, by LapCAD Engineering.
  • LS-DYNA - nonlinear dynamic finite element software, from Livermore Software Technology
  • Marc - based on nonlinear FEA solver technology, simulates product behavior under static, dynamic, multi-physics loading scenarios, by MSC Software
  • MSC.visualNastran - group of FEA products that includes MSC.Marc, nonlinear simulation technology for manufacturing applications; MSC.Nastran, analysis tool for optimized designs, from MSC
  • MYSTRAN - general purpose FEA program for structures that can be modeled as linear, by Dr Bill Case Free
  • NetLogo - multi-agent programmable modeling environment for students, teachers, researchers
  • NISA - software offering variety of FEA solutions, addresses CAE requirements in aerospace, automotive, power, civil engineering industries, by ETA
  • NI Multisim - electronic schematic capture, simulation program
  • ParetoCloud - cloud-based FEA analysis, topology optimizer, from SciArt Software
  • Particleworks - liquid flow simulation software for analyzing 3D models in varied industrial contexts, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan
  • Predictive Engineering - FEA, CFD, LS-DYNA consulting services, software, training, support, Portland, OR
  • PreSys - integrated pre-processor, modeling software for finite element models
  • Simscale - CFD, FEA, thermal simulation software for professionals
  • SimulationX - multiphysics system simulation software for modeling, simulating, analyzing complex dynamic systems, from ESI Group
  • SIMULIA - DesignSight, ExSight, Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) product families, plus CATIA analysis product portfolio, from Dassault
  • SimXpert - CAE application, multidisciplinary simulations, by MSC Software
  • SMS Eigensolver - external matrix solver software used to extract eigenvalues, eigenvectors fast as compared to traditional solver
  • SOFiSTiK - develops products in FEA, structural design, analysis, multiphysics CFD, Revit, building design, based in Oberschleissheim, Germany
  • Strand7 - Windows based FEA with automatic meshing of CAD models, linear, nonlinear static, dynamic, heat transfer solvers, post processing, API
  • StressCheck - finite element analysis tool, includes pre/post processor, by ESRD
  • Value Design Consulting - stress analysis services, FEA for mechanical engineering design
  • VisualDOC - design, optimization, process integration software, from Vanderplaats R&D
  • VPG - plug-in to create FE models, helps define models for mechanical system analysis, by ETA