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Ergonomic Modeling and Analysis
  • Comet Solutions - markets workspace for engineering teams, modeling, simulation, helps companies exploit CAD/CAE/PLM tools, explore more design alternatives
  • Delmia - makers of ERGOman, which simulates operating sequences in production, assembly, ENVISION/ERGO, human motion, task analysis tool, SAFEWORK PRO, 3D human ergonomics modeling program, from Dassault Systemes
  • Ergolmager - 2D/3D translation tool for performing 3D biomechanical analysis using 2D digital images, by NEXGEN Ergonomics
  • ErgoMaster - ergonomic analysis software allows ergonomic analysis, risk factor identification, training, job, workstation redesign, by NEXGEN Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics Analysis - software for identifying ergonomic hazards within workplace, report on risks associated with hazards, from Inelex
  • Ergosoft Pro - ergonomic risk assessment program, management software, Android App for on-site data collection
  • Jack - human simulation tool for populating designs with virtual people, performs human factors, ergonomic analysis
  • NexGen Ergonomics - developers of human modeling software, including ManneQuinPRO, analysis software, including  ErgoIntelligence, ErgoMaster, MVTA
  • PeopleSize - program that provides data on human sizes, to specify dimensions for designs or to determine how many people will be fitted by current design, from Open Ergonomics
  • RAMSIS - 3D-CAD-ergonomics tool for ergonomic development of vehicles, cockpits, by intrinsys
  • Simi Motion - platform for motion capture, 2D/3D movement analysis, from Simi