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FEA - Integrated Design & Analysis
  • CATIA - home page (sites)
  • Geomagic Wrap - transformation of point cloud data to 3D polygon meshes for use in manufacturing, design, analysis 
  • nCode DesignLife - software to perform CAE durability analysis, streamlines virtual fatigue engineering process, by HBM
  • nCode Glyph Works - data processing system for engineering test data analysis, provides CAE fatigue analysis, by HBM
  • NX - corporate site of Siemens PLM, makers of NX, Solid Edge, Parasolid, iMAN
  • Pro/ENGINEER - solid modeling package in which 2D sketches of lines, arcs, and splines are created and then converted into 3D objects or parts (sites)
  • Pushbutton FEA - 3D stress analysis software designed to extend, integrate into design environment, from Concepts NREC
  • RETOMO - software aims to improve CAE based design by adding CT to correlation process, from BETA CAE Systems