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Data Visualization and Analysis
  • AVS Express - data visualization tool for both non-programmers, experienced developers, by AVS
  • Grapher - plotting program by Golden Software
  • Grow - data visualization, dashboard software, enables business become data-driven
  • HEEDS POST - data visualization, processing, graphing/plotting package, by Red Cedar Technology
  • IDL - software for data analysis, visualization, cross-platform application development, available for Windows, Mac, UNIX OS, by Research Systems, Inc
  • KaleidaGraph - analytical graphing and data analysis program from Synergy Software
  • Mathcad - enterprise-wide calculations package, from Mathsoft
  • MATLAB - programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, numerical computation, from MathWorks
  • modeFRONTIER - multi-objective optimization, design environment software, by ESTECO
  • nCode Automation - provides web-based collaborative interface for sharing test data, helps make decisions, by nCode
  • nCode Viewer - helps in viewing individual data, by nCode
  • OpenViz - multifunction API offering interactive data visualizations, by AVS
  • Origin - data analysis, graphing software, by OriginLab
  • OriginPro - includes additional features such as peak fitting, statistics, signal processing, image handling, more, by OriginLab
  • ParaView - open-source, multi-platform data analysis, visualization application
  • Polynomial Neural Network - outsourcing custom software development, C/C++, Java, VB, ASP programming, multi-tier client-server systems, databases, OLAP, data processing, visualization
  • Prosig - provides software and hardware for vehicle and product refinement, sound quality, NVH, data acquisition, signal processing
  • PROSTEP - develops data exchange applications, tools for STEP software, includes DXM, IntraVISION, offers onsite PDM consulting, implementation
  • Sensor Systems - developer of RemoteView image visualization and analysis applications for remote sensing, medical imaging
  • Sisense - business intelligence software helps in preparing, analyzing, visualizing complex data
  • Qlik - software for creating interactive data visualizations in reports, dashboards free
  • VCollab - provides visual collaboration platform for viewing 3D information, specifically CAD, CAM, CAE data for the manufacturing industry
  • Visualize Free - cloud-hosted, zero-client app combines data preparation, visualization Free
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