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CFD - Products and Companies

  • 6SigmaRoom - data center CFD tool, built for both data center design, operations
  • Aavid SmartCFD - software for design, CFD simulation of thermal solutions, from Boyd Corp
  • ACRi - provider of CFD software like CFDStudio, ANSWER, PORFLOW, also offers CFD consulting services, based in CA, USA, France, India
  • AcuNexus - CFD software designed to support simulation-based design (SBD), from Altair
  • Adina - integrated system for analysis of structures, fluid flow
  • ADS - aerospace-class CFD for global turbomachinery industry, based in Danville, CA
  • Aerologic - several products for fluid flow analysis, including Personal Simulation Works, Loftsman/P, Cmarc, Postmarc
  • Altair nanoFluidX - particle-based hydrodynamics simulation tool
  • ANKER-ZEMER - offers static, dynamic structural analysis, thermal dynamics, acoustic analysis
  • ANSWER - general purpose CFD software for experimenting physical models, numerical schemes, matrix solvers, developed by ACRi
  • Ansys CFX - software tool for CFD, multi-physics applications
  • AVL FIRE - solves automotive engine related CFD problems
  • Azore - CFD tool uses latest numerical methods to virtually simulate behavior of fluid systems on computer
  • Caedium - CFD software system for 3D model 
  • Caedium Professional - combines entire Caedium add-on collection for CFD software system, by Symscape
  • Caedium RANS Flow - add-on for simulating realistic (viscous) gas, liquid (e.g., water) flow with heat transfer using CFD software
  • CADRE Flow new - fluid system flow analysis for simulating flow networks based on finite element principles
  • C&R Technologies - makers of heat transfer, fluid flow design, analysis software for electronics packaging, automotive, aerospace, energy industries, products include SINDA/FLUINT, SinapsPlus, Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, FloCAD, EZ-XY
  • CFD++ - tools for calculation, simulation of fluid dynamics, developed by Metacomp Technologies
  • CFD - Finland Oy - creators of NOVA, CFD solver developed by CFD-Finland
  • CFD 2000 - general purpose CFD by Adaptive Research
  • CFD Module - multiphysics solution for computational fluid dynamics simulations, from COMSOL
  • CFD Research - engineering simulations, advanced prototypes, designs for aerospace, defense, life sciences, materials, energy
  • CFDStudio - integrated development environment (IDE) for arresting CFD problem setup, developed by ACRi
  • CFD Support - company offers CFD analysis, develops methods for CFD calculations, OpenFOAM based software, visualization techniques, based in Praha, Czech Republic
  • cfMesh - open-source library for mesh generation implemented within OpenFOAM framework, from Creative Fields
  • CF-MESH+ - fully automated CFD software offers set of tools, functionalities for generation of CFD meshes, from Creative Fields
  • CFX - family of CFD products from ANSYS
  • CHAM - fluid flow, chemical reaction, stress
  • Convergent Science - provider of CFD software like CONVERGE that comes with  autonomous meshing capabilities, headquartered in Madison, WI
  • Coolit - CFD thermal analysis for electronics
  • COSMOSFloWorks - CFD tool for flow analysis, simulation, works in SOLIDWORKS
  • Cradle - innovative CFD software for shortening product design lead time, headquartered in Osaka, Japan
  • DC-Optima - CFD design, analysis tool designed for optimizing datacentre design, from CHAM
  • Dolfyn - open-source CFD program for engineers
  • EasyCFD - software for numerical simulation of 2D, 3D axisymmetric fluid flow in boundary fitted mesh
  • ELEMENTS - open-source, CFD, optimization software solution for vehicle design applications, developed by Streamline Solutions
  • EPLAN Cogineer - fluid power engineering software for easy generation of electrical, fluid power schematics
  • ENGYS - provider of CFS software including HELYX, ELEMENTS, HELYX-OS, several specialized add-on modules for adjoint-based optimization, headquartered in London, UK
  • ESI Group - makers of CFD-ACE, CFD-CADalyzer, CFD-FASTRAN, CFD-TOPO
  • FloEFD - CFD integrated with Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, CATIA, allows flow, heat transfer analysis, from Mentor
  • FLOW-3D - general purpose fluid flow package by Flow Science
  • FloVENT - CFD software for predicting 3D airflow, heat transfer, contamination distribution, comfort indices in, around buildings, from Mentor
  • Flowsquare - 2D CFD software for simulating unsteady, non-reactive/reactive flows
  • FloTHERM - electronics cooling software, predicts airflow, heat transfer, coupled effects of conduction, by Mentor Graphics
  • Flometrics - company employs computational fluid dynamics tool to determine fluid dynamics devices, systems, based in Carlsbad, CA
  • Fluidyn - CFD software for heat transfer, environmental, risk analysis, from Transoft International, which also offers R&D, consulting services in CFD, related fields 
  • FluiDyna - provider of tools, software for solving challenging CFD tasks, also offers GPU-based high performance computing, now Altair GPU Solutions
  • Gerris Flow Solver - software works with partial differential equations describing fluid flow
  • GOTHIC - thermal-hydraulics software by Zachry
  • Hanley Innovations - makers of aerodynamics, airfoil analysis software, including WingAnalysis Plus, MultiSurface Aerodynamics, MultiElement Airfoils, VisualFoil, Stallion 3D
  • HeatDesigner - structured mesh thermal fluid analysis software designed for electronics cooling thermal analysis, from Cradle
  • HELYX - open source, general purpose CFD software for engineering analysis, design optimization of enterprise applications, from engys
  • ICFD++ - general purpose CFD by Metacomp Technologies
  • IRI - CFD (COMPACT), other flow analysis software
  • Karalit - transforms CFD from specialized process into part of design cycle for companies in aerospace, automotive, valves industries, headquartered in Pula (CA), Italy
  • LS-DYNA - nonlinear dynamic finite element software, from Livermore Software Technology Corporation 
  • MAYA - makers of software that enables users to build individual thermal/flow models, then connect or couple them into thermal/fluid simulation assembly
  • Meteodyn - developer of CFD software like meteodyn WT, meteodyn WTRG, UrbaWind for wind engineering, climatology, France
  • MetaFSI - fluid-structure interaction (FSI) suite of tools, by Metacomp Technologies
  • Microfluidics Module - tools for study of microfluidic devices, gas flows, applications include electrokinetic, magnetokinetic devices, by Comsol 
  • MSC Software - provides engineering simulation technology used for linear and non-linear FEA, acoustics, CFD, multi-physics, optimization, fatigue, durability, multi-body dynamics
  • M-Star CFD - software suite for performing 3D numerical experiments, from M-Star Simulations
  • MultiSurface Aerodynamics - models complex wing geometries using multiple tapered surfaces, from Hanley Innovations
  • NOGRID points - software is based on meshless Finite Pointset Method (FPM), package handles simulation tasks related to continuum mechanical problems
  • Numeca - software developer related to fluid dynamics simulations, products include fine/turbo, fine/open, fine/marine
  • OpenFoam - CFD toolbox, solves fluid flows involving chemical reactions, heat transfer, solid dynamics, electromagnetic
  • Ozen Engineering - FEA, CFD, FEM, ANSYS tools consultants, based in Sunnyvale, CA
  • Palabos - open-source CFD solver based on lattice Boltzmann method
  • PAM-FLOW - CFD tool for simulating unsteady flow phenomena present in industrial, research applications, by Pacific ESI
  • PHOENICS - CFD program for simulation involving fluid flow, heat or mass transfer, chemical reactions, combustion for wide range of applications, from CHAM
  • Pointwise - mesh generation software with flexible manual controls for engineering analysis, CFD, now Cadence
  • Pointwise Viewer - offers importing, viewing, measuring, examining cell quality metrics of virtually any mesh, Free
  • PORFLOW - CFD tool for detecting problems involving transient or steady state fluid flow, heat, salinity, mass transport in multi-phase, variably saturated, porous or fractured media, developed by ACRi
  • PowerFLOW - fluid flow simulation by EXA
  • PumpLinx - CFD design software for predicting flow, cavitation in pumps, by Simerics
  • QuickerSim - engineering software company offers CFD toolbox, CFD services, FEM analysis, based in Warsaw, Poland
  • RADM - random-walk model is used for simulation of dispersion processes in turbulent fluids, available on computing platform that supports FORTRAN compiler, developed by ACRi
  • RBF Morph - allows shape optimization study within ANSYS Fluent by morphing existing mesh, with integrated GUI, by RBF Morph
  • REEF3D - open-source CFD program with focus on hydraulic, coastal, offshore, environmental engineering
  • SandI - technology driven company offering CFD services to aerospace, automotive industries, based in Bangalore, India
  • scFLOW - CFD software with Thermo-fluid analysis system, from Cradle
  • SC/Tetra - CFD program claims greater ease of use than typical CFD programs, by Cradle
  • Sculptor - engineering turbo design process, by Optimal Solutions Software
  • scSTREAM - general purpose, structured mesh CFD software for building aerodynamics, HVAC, civil engineering applications, by Cradle
  • Simerics MP - computational physics software for solving CFD problems with advanced multi-physics, from Simerics
  • Simcenter STAR-CCM+ - multiphysics solution offers FV-based CFD, FE-based CSM, by Siemens
  • simFlow - CFD software for Windows, Linux
  • SimScale - offers of CFD simulation, FEA, thermal simulations
  • SIMULIA XFlow CFD - software uses CFD Multifluids & multiphysics fluid dynamics to predict transient dynamic behavior, from Simuleon
  • SOFiSTiK - develops products in FEA, structural design, analysis, multiphysics CFD, Revit, building design, more, based in Oberschleissheim, Germany
  • SPEED - specialized CAE analysis tool for designing electric machines like motors, generators, alternators including drive with inverters, by CD-adapco
  • STAR-Cast - industrial casting simulation software, jointly developed by Access, CD-adapco
  • Symscape - uses caedium as CFD system for designs by creating geometry, fluid flow, heat transfer
  • TCFD - offers CFD simulation by CFD SUPPORT
  • Tecplot 360 - numerical simulation, CFD visualization, combines engineering plotting with data visualization 
  • Tecplot Chorus - CFD simulation analytics management software for engineers, scientists
  • Trelis - meshing tool comes with Azore simulation tool set, offers CFD pipeline from import of CAD data to geometry meshing, simulation setup, number crunching, from Azore Software
  • TURBOcfd - CFD solver tool for pumps, fans, helpful in blade designing, by Advanced Design Technology
  • ultraFluidX - simulation tool for ultra-fast prediction of aerodynamic properties of passenger, heavy-duty vehicles, from Altair
  • XFlow - CFD software system, uses free surface, fluid structure on geometric domains, by Next Limit Technologies