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Boundary Element Modeling (BEM)
  • Acoustic BEM - function to model low frequency response of bounded, unbounded fluids within VA One environment, by ESI
  • BEM Acoustics - open source MATLAB toolbox, based on direct Boundary Element Method in Time Domain (TD-BEM)
  • COULOMB - 3D electric field design, analysis software featuring Boundary Element Method (BEM) technology, by IES
  • Fast BEM - tool for faster solutions from BEM system equations
  • FastBEM Acoustics - BEM software for modeling large-scale 3D acoustic wave problems, by ACR
  • GPBEST - complete BEM analysis system, by BEST Corporation
  • LMS Virtual.Lab BEM - acoustic simulation tool to predict, improves noise, sound performance of systems, by Siemens
  • OpenBEM - open source programs for solving Helmholtz equation using Boundary Element Method