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Modeling, Pre- and Post-Processing
  • AC3D - application for data visualization, rapid prototypes of 3D designs, high resolution 3D renderings, virtual reality, flight simulation, by Inivis
  • AdvantEdge - software for optimization of metal cutting, by Third Wave Systems
  • ANSA - CAE pre-processing tool, full-model build up functionality, CAD data to solver input, by BETA
  • ATILA - finite element analysis software for analysis of 2D/3D structures that contain piezoelectric & magnetostrictive materials, from MMech
  • BETA CAE Systems - makers of µETA, ANSA tool, offers complete solutions for advanced multidisciplinary CAE pre-, post-processing
  • BRL-CAD - cross-platform constructive solid geometry includes ray-tracing for rendering, network distributed frame-buffer support, image, signal-processing tools, by Source Forge 
  • Calculix - 3D, open-source finite-element analysis application that uses input format similar to Abaqus Free
  • Comsol - provides software solutions for multiphysics modeling, LiveLink products for CAD software that delivers an integration between COMSOL multiphysics simulations, CAD models
  • Comsol Multiphysics - simulation software environment facilitating modeling process, geometry, meshing, specifying physics, solving, visualizing results 
  • CUBIT - software toolkit for generation of 2D/3D finite element meshes (grids), geometry preparation, from Sandia National Laboratories
  • DEP MeshWorks - CAE driven platform for rapid concept CAE, CAD model generation, parametrization of CAE models
  • Digimat - multi-scale material modeling technology for performing detailed analyses of materials on microscopic level, from e-Xstream engineering
  • Distene -  meshing software components, consulting services for CAD/CAE software, formerly Simulog Technologies
  • Electrodeposition Module - uses COMSOL Multiphysics, interfaces provided for primary, secondary, tertiary distribution models, geometric representations of layer buildup included as model parameters 
  • Femap - FE modeling, pre/post processor for engineering simulation, analysis, by Siemens PM Software
  • FEMGV - general purpose pre- and post-processor for FEA, CFD analysis software, from DIANA FEA
  • Femtet - CAE software comes with 3D solid modeler, pre/post processors, 7 types of solvers for analyzing electromagnetic field, mechanical stress, thermal conductivity, by Murata Software
  • FreeFem++ - partial differential equation solver uses finite element method
  • GiD - pre, post processor for conducting numerical simulations from pre to post-processing,  available in Windows, Linux, Max OSX
  • Gmsh - automatic 3D finite element grid generator with built-in CAD engine, post-processor
  • HyperCrash - pre-processing environment for safety evaluation, crash analysis, by HyperWorks
  • HyperMesh - finite element pre- and post-processor for major finite element solvers, by Altair Engineering
  • HyperView - post-processing, visualization environment for finite element analysis, CFD, multi-body system data, by Altair
  • Impact -  open source finite element program suite for predicting most dynamic events like car crashes or metal sheet punch operations Free
  • InfoWorks ICM - integrated catchment modeling, enables hydraulics, hydrology of natural, man-made environments to be incorporated into single environment
  • IWLive - forecasting, scenario evaluation for water distribution system control room, by Innovyze
  • LISA - finite element analysis package for Windows with integrated modeler, multi-threaded solver, graphical post-processor Free
  • MapleSim - physical modeling, simulation tool, based on symbolic computation technology, by Maplesoft
  • META - multi-purpose post-processor for 3D field post-processing, by BETA CAE Systems
  • midasNFX - finite element pre-processor offers interactive, visual environment to analyze product design performance, from MIDAS Engineering Software
  • MotionView - CAE modeling environment for mechanical systems design, by HyperWorks 
  • MSC.Robust Design pdf - incorporates variability into existing finite element models
  • Nei Nastran in-CAD - engineering analysis, simulation software, 3D, parametric CAD for model creation 
  • Open CASCADE Technology - CAD/CAM/CAE development platform for 3D surface, solid modeling, visualization, data exchange, rapid application development
  • ParaMesh pdf - allows manipulation of shapes and positions of features in meshed models without accessing the original CAD model or CAD software, by ANSYS
  • Patran - finite element modeler for pre/post-processing, by MSC Software
  • PreSys - integrated pre/post-processor, CAE modeling software, scripting interface to automate processes, data navigation, by ETA
  • Pointwise - mesh generation software for engineering analysis, CFD, from Pointwise
  • PostView - finite element post processing software for visualizing, analyzing results from FE analysis
  • PreView - finite element preprocessor designed specifically to set up FE problems for FEBio
  • Production Module - process-analysis software, integrates CAD/CAM, machine dynamics, workpiece material properties, by Third Wave Systems
  • SALOME - open-source software for pre-, post-processing for numerical simulation
  • Simulation Modeling Suite - toolkit for geometry based simulation, includes MeshSim, FieldSim and GeomSim, supported by Linux, Windows, HP-UX, Solaris, IRIX platforms, by Simmetrix
  • SpaceClaim - multi-purpose 3-D modeling application for engineers, from ANSYS
  • Tecplot RS - post-processing tools for visualization, analyzes data with line graphs, 2D cross sections, 3D grid plots 
  • Trelis - pre-processor for complex FEA, CFD simulation, from csimsoft
  • TrueGrid - interactive, parametric hexahedral, tetrahedral mesh generator, by XYZ Scientific
  • VisTools - object-based software development toolkit for use in creating pre-, post-processing applications for science, engineering, from Visual Kinematics
  • VJ Coresoft - meshing dualities, works with Pro/engineer, hypermesh, CATIA, SolidWorks, ANSYS