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Okino NuGraf - the elder brother of Okino PolyTrans|CAD, including poly reduction, rendering, scene composition, CAD optimization.
  • 3D Evolution - data translation between CATIA, Siemens NX, Pro/E, I-deas, SolidWorks, JTOpen, STEP, more, by CoreTechnologie
  • 3D InterOp - CAD file translation of solid, surface, wireframe data between CATIA V4 Dassault Systems
  • 3D Transvidia - repairs 3D models created in different CAD systems, helps in removing geometric, topological flaws during data translation
  • Acc-u-Trans - exchanges CAD data between CATIA, Unigraphics, IDEAS, Pro/Engineer, provides preserves feature history, modifiable features, by TTI
  • CADCAM-E - CAD/CAM data exchange products for CATIA, Unigraphics, ACIS, Parasolid, STEP, IGES, rapid prototyping
  • CADdoctor - desktop application software for 3D data translation, PDQ validation, repair, transformation, by Elysium
  • CADfix - for exchange, repair, and re-use of geometry models between CAD/CAM/CAE applications, by TranscenData
  • CADIQ - analyzes CAD model interoperability with downstream applications, by TranscenData
  • CADlook - view, inspect, measure and mark up CAD files as well as convert between different CAD formats
  • CADMOVER - convert between several vector and raster formats such as DWG, HPGL, BMP, MiniCAD, for both Macintosh and PC, by Kandu Software Corporation
  • CADverter - brand for data translation products, by Theorem Solutions 
  • Capvidia - software for CAD data repair including 3D TransVidia/SW, 3DVision and FlowVision, Also offers data translation from various CAD systems to CATIA and  SolidWorks
  • CAT5Works - bi-directional SolidWorks/CATIA V4/V5 data translator, allows file translation from within SolidWorks, by CCE
  • CompareVidia - specialized application to compare, validate CAD model integrity at different stage of product life cycle, by Capvidia
  • Conversion Engine - supports Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD 2011, SolidWorks 2011, SolidEdge ST3, by Cideon Software 
  • CrossManager - stand alone software that converts files from most CAD formats, by Datakit
  • CoreTechnologie - 3D CAD data conversion software, shares engineering data in PLM process 
  • dacis - conversion between AutoCAD (DXF) and SICAD (SQD) by ökon
  • DATAKIT - translation of CAD, CAM and CAE data, handles attributes, features, FD&T, history tree, piping and harness
  • DEXcenter - translates CAD files from one CAD/CAM system file format to another, with repairing/healing tools, from ITI Transcendata
  • Direct Translator - pushbutton, native CAD-to-CAD data translation solution, supports STEP, IGES, by Elysium
  • DWG DXF Convert - AutoCAD DWG/DXF bi-directional translator, by Floating Point Solutions
  • Elysium - makers of CADporter, a line of CAD data converters and healers for interoperability among numerous CAD programs, CADtown includes CADporter, data translation software, and CADdoctor, software for data healing within original CAD information
  • Features Based Translators - preserves modeling details and allows changes to be made even if model is translated to a different CAD system, by Theorem Solutions
  • gbXML - Green Building XML is an open XML schema of International Alliance of Interoperability's aecXML Group, The gbXML schema enables integrated interoperability with architectural 3D CAD and BIM software for green building design, from GeoPraxis
  • HarmonyWare - makers of STEP, IGES and VDAFS data translation libraries that allow users of GeomWare's Nlib, IntegrityWare's POPLib and TSLib and Solid Modeling Solutions' SMLib to import and export geometry and topology information
  • IMService - International Machining Service - tools and services include, entry level CAD/CAD software, IGES to DXF translation software, simulation, setup reduction, and manufacturing (MRP) systems improvements
  • JT to 3DXML CADverter - database converter, creates product structure, meta data, geometry, by Theorem Solutions
  • Kazmierczak GmbH - DXFKONV is a CAD-system independent DXF-converter, which is used to analyze and modify the structure of DXF-files
  • Kubotek Validation Tool - CAD validation tool to identify changes in CAD translations
  • MagicCheck - opens any major 3D CAD format, compares geometry against the authority CAD model, produces geometric analysis reports for product acceptance, by TransMagic
  • NGRAIN Transformer - extend the life of 3D CAD data by converting it to NGW and reducing the entry cost of 3D
  • NuGraf - all capabilities of PolyTrans plus caustic renering, perspective matching, by Okino Computer Graphics
  • Numerical Innovations - specializing in layout visualization, CAD translators
  • ODX SDX - open data exchange library supporting files to read, write native CAD data like CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Pro/E, by CCE
  • openNURBS - initiative that provides CAD, CAM, CAE software developers open source toolkit to transfer 3D geometry between applications
  • PDF to DWG - converter works with PDF drawings created in AutoCAD applications, allows downloading converted file to iPhone or iPad, by Cometdocs.com
  • PolyTrans|CAD - convert, optimize major 3D BREP-based CAD formats, DCC/animation formats, by Okino Computer Graphics
  • Power ScanToNURBS - plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max, converts scanned mesh data while creating high quality smooth surfaces, by nPower
  • QVidia - 3D CAD model quality tool for design, manufacturing, guarantees smooth data exchange between different CAD systems, by Capvidia 
  • Radialsoft - makers of Catia2SolidWorks, for CATIA to SolidWorks translation, and Euclid2SolidWorks, for Euclid to SolidWorks translation
  • STEP Tools - libraries for converting STEP to various formats including Parasolid, ACIS, XML and more
  • StanConvert - translates standard coding systems and setups in drawings and provides batch processing libraries of existing drawings to the AIA, ISO or new USA National CAD standards, from Softco Engineering Systems
  • Tailor Made Software - enterprise software for server-based conversion and data manipulation/extraction of DWG (including A2008), DXF, PDF, DGN, etc to DWF, PDF, DWF/x and many other formats, API available
  • Theorem Solutions - makers of data exchange products, includes CADverter, CADviewer, Data eXchange Navigator (DXN), CADhealer (CADverter reviews)
  • TransMagic - offers tools needed for multi-CAD data exchange, includes translation, geometry repair, visualization, quoting
  • Trix RasterServer - multi-user batch conversion of DWG, DXF, HPGL, MS Office and more to legible PDF, TIF, CALS, JEDMICS C4, BMP and other raster formats, from Trix Systems