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  • 11x17.com - makers of 11x17 ring binders for CAD prints, drawings
  • 3D-Config - web-enabled product configuration, which allows manufacturers to have 3D powered online catalogs, by Imaginestics
  • ACD Systems - digital image editing company, manufacture products that helps companies enhance valuable digital assets
  • Adapx - makers of Capturx software product line, helps designs, maps, forms, marked with digital pen, integrates with CAD systems
  • AeroPack - collection of drawing tools created specifically for airplane design, drafting, by DAR
  • AllyCAD - works with drafting needs, design functionality
  • APEX - application that delivers optical engineering power in CAD interface, Breault Research
  • ASAP - optical modeling, unconstrained, non-sequential ray tracing program for modeling physical optics, imaging,, illumination systems, by BRO
  • assyst - develops various integrated CAD, PLM products for fashion, interiors industries
  • Automation Studio - prototyping, project documentation, simulation software solution for automated, fluid power systems
  • AutoTURN - CAD-based program, simulation, swept path analysis software, by Transoft Solutions
  • 3D-DOCTOR - 3D image processing, volume rendering, visualization software for medical (MRI, CT, microscopy), scientific, industrial 3D imaging applications, From Able Software
  • CADFind Sketch & Search - program finds 2D mechanical components based on sketch rather than words
  • CADMAI - standalone CAD application, integration module for third party application/SOA environment
  • CADminer - data mining tool for CAD, reads, extracts data from CAD drawings,, reports such data into one of many standard file formats, by Expert InfoCad
  • CadRemote - helps to design, annotate model, used in iPhone as remote control for 3D space, allows 3D navigation, mouse control, multi-device collaboration, by Maide
  • Capital Harness System - end-to-end toolset for engineering complex wire harness flows, by Mentor Graphics
  • CAP Studio - furniture design, specification software for interior designers, furniture dealers, facility managers
  • ConceptDraw - Medical Edition - drag, drop symbols for body details, anatomy for creating medical flowcharts, more
  • Configure One - Product Configurator - provides Web-based, CAD-linked product configurator software that allows "to-order" companies to automate engineering process for custom orders
  • Corel DESIGNER - illustration tools enabling technical illustrators to produce technical drawings (reviews)
  • Coventor - develops CAD software for micro- electromechanical systems industry
  • DraftSight - professional grade free CAD software, allows editing and viewing DWG files, by Dassault Systemes
  • EON - interactive interiors, exteriors, topography from CAD can be viewed over Internet
  • Gerotor Design Studio - design gerotor pumping elements, create 3D solid models, CNC output files, by Maverick Computing
  • HARcad - supports harness development processes from conceptual design, calculation to change process, by Intedis
  • Hydronics Engineering - tools for design, hydraulic calculation of fire sprinkler systems
  • ImageModeler - measure, create 3D scenes using photographs, for Macintosh, Windows, by REALVIZ (reviews)
  • Intellicon - provides technology products, services for furniture layout, specification for contract furniture industry
  • iXVL Publisher - window server application that publishes interactive 3D models, XVL files that can be viewed using iXVL player, by Lattice Technology
  • KBMax - product configurator, automates creation of 3D models, BOMs, CAD drawings, documentation, price quotes, more, by Citius Corporation
  • Kubotek Validation Tool - compares, evaluates CAD models for face sizes, locations, types, model volume, area, CG, topology, with report generation
  • Lambda Research - illumination, optical design software
  • Lattice Technology - digital mock up (DMU) software, check, prototype, simulate, document 3D product designs, assembly processes for viability 
  • LightTools - optical engineering, designing tool, used to test illumination designs for prototyping, by ORA
  • MasterMine - CAD for mining industry with 3D modeling, reserve calculations, underground, In-Pit production tools, more
  • Monumental Computer Applications - offers CAD software, computer systems for manufacture of cemetery monuments, for point of sale
  • OFCDesk - develops specialized CAD solutions for interior design industries
  • Open CASCADE - Open Source tool for 3D modeling, from Matra Datavision
  • OPTIMUS - automates analysis processes, investigates multiple design options to optimize designs, by Noesis
  • OPTIS - develops, markets software for simulation of optics, light, product visualization
  • OrthoMill - lists OrthoModel designs, allows you to choose insoles machining strategies, creates toolpaths needed by router, by Delcam 
  • OrthoModel - software tool to design custom orthotic insoles, supports add-on, posts, skives, arch fillers, cobra cut outs, by Delcam
  • PACK - computer-generated 3D packaging design, visualizations, used in modo 501
  • Packedi - offers ready-to-use packaging design in short time, provides standard libraries, display types, corrugated board packaging designs, by IserlohnDVS System Software GmbH
  • PadCAD - application for remodeling projects, home additions, site-surveys, by Plugworks Inc.
  • Phoenix Integration - various design exploration tools to create optimized design, run what-if trade studies or further inspect design space to find weaknesses in model
  • PowerBOM new - bill of material application that aims to reduce redundancy, waste in BOM creation, by Risersoft 
  • QuoteCAD - price quotes designs, projects from DWG CAD drawing, by CMS
  • ReflectorCAD - for segmented reflector design, by BRO
  • RcCad - solid modeling for radio controlled airplanes (reviews)
  • RuleStream - captures rules or processes related to product design, executes them in real-time
  • +ScanCAD - tools for integration of CAD models into 3D image, multiple CAD imports, for medical, dentistry, MRI applications, more, by Simpleware
  • SOFiSTiK - SOFiCAD products in CAD for detailing, steelworks 2D, alignment, others in FEA, CFD, more, based in Oberschleissheim, Germany
  • Solomon Industries - MoluCAD, chemistry software for building, animation
  • Solid Concepts - SolidView, viewing, measuring, editing 3D solid designs
  • SPEOS - software that allows for non-sequential light propagation into any system, including optical, mechanical parts, by OPTIS
  • Surge - transient analysis, modeling software for water distribution system, by Innovyze 
  • Tech Illustrator - Windows NT-based technical illustration, electronic publishing software from Auto-trol Technology
  • Touch-3D - Macintosh program that allows physical modeling for quick prototyping, mock-ups, scale models
  • TracePro - software tool for modeling, analyzing propagation of light in imaging/non imaging opto-mechanical systems, by Lambda Research
  • UnitCAD new - specialized for AutoCAD, Inventor, allows creation of drawings or part using rules, by Risersoft
  • XVL Studio - allows validation of designs and manufacturing process, advanced digital mock-up solutions, generates report with 3D images, by Lattice Technology

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