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  • 3D3 - developer of FlexScan 3D, 3D scanner that creates digital 3d models directly from physical objects
  • 3D RESHAPER - for 3D measurement, optimized meshing of any cloud of points, from TECHNODIGIT
  • 3Space FastSCAN - non-contact 3D digitizer by Polhemus (reviews)
  • Alias - SurfaceStudio for technical surfacing, advanced free-from modeling, point cloud data, reverse engineering, real time surface diagnostics
  • ClearEdge3D - automated feature extraction, laser scanning, 3D modeling space, works in computer vision, hyper-spectral data analysis, LIDAR data analysis  
  • CopyCAD - generates engineering surfaces from scanned conceptual models, captures feature content of hand- optimized prototypes, creates tool impression from scanned component, more, by Delcam (reviews)
  • DezignWorks - reverse engineering software compatible with Microscribe, Faro, Romer measuring arms or use with SolidWorks, Pro/E, Inventor
  • Geomagic Spark - application combining live scan data processing, CAD design, 3D point, mesh editing, assembly construction, 2D drawing into a single package
  • Geomagic Studio - custom design software processes scan data from physical part to generate polygon, parametric surface models (reviews)
  • HighRES - develops, markets, supports advanced 3D reverse engineering, 3D digitizing software, including PHARAOH line, which integrates into several popular MCAD applications
  • Hi-Tech Engineering Services - provides reverse engineering solutions, help making 2D drawings, assemblies, 3D models, based in Riverside Drive, New York
  • Imageware - surface modeling with Surfacer, Surface Wizard can work with point clouds for reverse engineering application, from PLM Solutions
  • Leios 2 - 3D scanning, modeling, reverse engineering, editing meshes, by EGSolutions 
  • LFM - 3D laser scanning software, by Z+F UK
  • Metris - reverse engineering, inspection software
  • ParaCloud - uses Excel spreadsheet to generate, analyze point clouds
  • PolyWorks - reverse engineering, inspection software for optimizing 3D scanner process for rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, by InnovMetric Software
  • RapidForm - tool to build defect-free 3D models, freeform surfaces from 3D point cloud, polygon meshes, by INUS Technology (reviews)
  • RapidForm XOR - reverse engineering software that combines CAD with 3D scan data processing to create parametric, editable solid models 
  • Rapidform XOS - converts 3D scans to meshes, NURBS surface models    
  • RevEng - interactive reverse engineering, inspection tool that links to 3D digitizers, coordinate measuring machines to create accurate surface, solid models as part is digitized, by Tri-Tech Solutions
  • RevWorks - for creating feature-based CAD models, freeform surfaces directly from digitized part data, Supports FARO, ROMER, MicroSCRIBE, CMM's, from Revware (reviews)
  • RVidia - automatic reverse engineering application, allows transformation of scanned point clouds into CAD models, by Capvidia
  • Scribe-iT - desktop digitizing software for 3ds max, 3D Studio MAX, Autodesk VIZ, by GHOST 3D
  • Solutionix - develops high-performance structured-light 3D scanning systems for reverse engineering, inspection applications for industrial, dental CAD/CAM markets
  • SQUALE - material measurement device applies material sample to virtual prototypes, by OPTIS
  • Third Dimension Software - high speed non-contact machine vision metrology
  • Verisurf - model-based definition software, offers reverse engineering services
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