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CAD - Printing and Plotting

  • 3D Model-to-Print (3DMTP) - optimises the creation of 3D architectural scale models by using 3D printing technologies
  • Aleph Objects Inc. - manufactures 3D printers like high-quality LulzBot AO-100 printer, based in Loveland, Colorado
  • Argos - software to capture, manage plot data, by Sepialine (reviews)
  • Cubify Invent - 3D printing and designing software with intuitive free tutorials that make learning fun and easy, by 3D Systems
  • Cubify Pics - easy-to-use app to turn 2D pictures directly into Cube 3D printable art, by 3D Systems
  • DeskArtes - provides software for 3D industrial design used in rapid prototyping, 3D printing, software tools like 3D expert, design expert, Helsinki, Finland
  • eQuorum - makers of CAD printing solutions, including Plot Station, network plotting program for high-volume production plotting
  • FPLOT - The Pen Plotter Emulator - allows users to view, print HP-GL/2 pen plotter files
  • gXnetPlot - enterprise-wide printing, plotting, by Allegria
  • HyperXpress - software for plotting for CAD, GIS, mapping applications
  • i.materialise - creates design by providing ideas that can be turned into 3D reality, provides high quality 3D printing
  • IntraNETIX - Web-based interface for drawing control by IDEAL Scanners
  • NovaCopy - provides 3D printing technology, innovative document workflow solutions, based in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Océ Repro Desk - print management applications that allows users to automate plotting jobs, job processing, management, queuing
  • PINEBUSH Technologies, Inc. - developer of printing, plotting software, including HyperPlot, for plotting in EDA industries;, HyperXpress, highly optimized RIP designed for CAD, GIS, AEC, engineering, mapping, scientific, other technical applications
  • PLT2DXF - freeware program to convert HPGL plotter files into CAD-readable DXF files
  • Plot.com - provides tools to view, plot, organize, manage files, using compressed images of original documents over Internet. From eQuorum Corporation.
  • Plot Minder - captures AutoCAD plots for billing purposes, media usage, comes with 9 standard reports, offers unlimited customized reports. From CAD fx. (reviews)
  • Plot2000 - plotting, batch plotting, plot billing, plot stamping program
  • PlotWorks - software to create, manage print jobs, by PLP Digital Systems
  • RATIO - OEM partner for hardware manufacturers
  • ReproCentral - plan room software allows ordering of print sets of CAD drawings, documents using using web browser, by IGC
  • SmartPLOT - plot logging, reporting software for CAD environments (reviews)
  • SureColor T-Series - range of printers with MicroPiezo TFP print head along with breakthrough EPSON UltraChrome XD ink technology, by Epson
  • TGSoft - software for plotting, HPGL2 RIP Library, PLT2TIF converter, PLT file transmission tools
  • Voxeljet - provides innovative 3D printing systems, ideal for producing high quality, automotive components, based in Friedberg, Germany
  • ZEH Software Inc. - network plotting solutions for CATIA, MicroStation, AutoCAD, other file formats under NT, UNIX. Products include ZEHServer, ZEHPrint for CATIA, which provide fully integrated print management, streamlining tools. (reviews)