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Marine Design

  • Ace Marine Ltd. - provides computer modeling of hulls and complex forms from point data
  • AeroHydro - marine design and 3D modeling with relational geometry, offers MultiSurf for SurfaceWorks, for SolidWorks users
  • AVEVA Design Reuse - ship design data used between projects for cost reduction
  • AVEVA Marine - software for shipbuilding, plant engineering
  • Hawaii Marine Templates for ships, Boats and Yachts - offers Excel design templates for naval architects, marine engineers, ship design engineers and boat and yacht designers
  • Hullform - a suite of hull design programs that allow both lines fairing and hydrostatics 
  • Huntington Ingalls - designs, builds and maintains ships for the U.S. navy and coast guard, provides after-market services for military ships around the globe
  • Maxsurf - surface package from Formation Design Systems
  • Navgathi Marine Design & Constructions - naval architecture,  marine engineering, ship design, ship construction, ship repair, boat design company, based in Kochi, India
  • New Wave Systems - makers of ProChine, ProBasic and ProSurf, programs to define, fair, and loft any type of hull shape using 3D B-Spline (NURBS) surfaces 
  • Orca 3D - ship, yacht building tool, provides hull design, fairing, hydrostatics, runs in Rhino environment, by DRS Technologies
  • Rhino - freeform surface and solid modeling (reviews)
  • SeaSolution - CAD system for shipbuilding, includes geometric simulation and design especially for fairing lines and shell plates
  • Sener - provides professional services to shipbuilders, designers, owners, operators and regulatory bodies
  • ShipConstructor - AutoCAD based shipbuilding design software
  • SmartMarine 3D - datacentric ship design software, rule-driven,  uses marine asset design processes while preserving existing data, by Intergraph 
  • Tribon - makers of M3 ship design and assembly system, including covering hulls, structure, piping and more, acquired by AVEVA