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General Purpose 2D and 3D CAD Programs

  • Alibre - Design suite that provide comprehensive modeling, detailing, interoperability, downstream applications 
  • Altus Positioning Systems new - offers high-precision GNSS surveying equipment, headquartered in Torrance, Calif
  • AutoCAD (sites, reviews) - the most popular CAD program in the world, a standard for design software, by Autodesk
  • Autodsys - offers IntelliCAD-based software AcceliCAD, AcceliARCH (IntelliCAD sitesArchT reviews)
  • Bricscad - IntelliCAD based, 2D/3D CAD, by Bricsys
  • CADDIT - offers 2D and 3D CAD, Australia and New Zealand
  • Cadidesk - AutoCAD-compatible drawing program by IntelliFrance
  • CADopia - sells version of IntelliCAD (sites, reviews)
  • CADpercept - CAD design, drafting, detailing, conversion software for mechanical, architectural, structural purposes, from MMTechnologies
  • CADVANCE - from FIT Inc. (sites, reviews)
  • CMS IntelliCAD - CAD Software for engineers, architects, consultants, AutoCAD compatible, drawing tools, by CMS
  • CtrlCAD - 2D source code C++ graphic library to build CAD/GIS applications, supports DWG/ DXF format
  • DataCAD (sites, reviews)
  • DesignCAD 3D MAX  - offers 3D modeling, 2D drafting and many other features of more expensive, high-end CAD programs, from Upperspace. (reviews)
  • FastCAD - by Evolution Computing (reviews)
  • FelixCAD (see PowerCAD Professional)
  • freeCAD - a basic 3D CAD with advanced motion simulation capabilities, suitable for anyone interested in learning to use CAD for free before upgrading to a commercial application
  • Generic CADD - website of GenericCadd.com, a CAD dealership that continues to offer support and information for users of this now-discontinued Autodesk program
  • Graphite - 2D drafting and 3D from Ashlar Vellum, available for PC and Mac (replaces Vellum Draft)
  • GStarCAD - IntelliCAD based CAD software, by Gstarsoft
  • IDRAW 2000 - by Design Futures
  • IGEStoolbox - a standalone, lightweight CAD program for viewing or plotting IGES files without converting files to other formats, cutting sections in surfaces and transforming and creating geometry, from Cornerstone Technology.
  • IntelliCAD - AutoCAD-compatible, uses DWG as native file format, licenses to developers, by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (sites, reviews)
  • KEYCREATOR - general purpose, full featured CAD, used for mechanical application, formerly known as CADKEY (sites, reviews)
  • MicroStation - industrial strength, very popular (2nd only to AutoCAD), Bentley Systems, Inc. (sites, reviews)
  • OrthoGraph - makers of data acquisition software for graphical real estate measurement
  • PowerCAD Pro v6 - offers AutoCAD compatibility and customization, supports paper and model space and xrefs, and includes utilities to convert AutoLISP and ADS program code, menus, dialog boxes and toolbars (formerly FelixCAD), from GiveMePower Inc. (reviews)
  • ProgeCAD - CAD system compatible with the AutoCAD product line, by ProgeSOFT
  • PunchCAD  - extensive collection of 2D/3D modeling tools, training videos
  • QuickCAD - entry-level CAD, by Autodesk
  • StreamCAD - easy translation to other languages, editable user interface, text and dialogs stored in XML files, data stored in XML and DWG/DXF files
  • TurboCAD - full function CAD program, favored by construction, hobbyists (sites, reviews)
  • Vdraft - from SoftSource, DWG-based CAD system (reviews)
  • VectorWorks - full featured 3D CAD program, runs on Windows, Mac, by Nemetschek (sites, reviews)
  • VersaCAD - production-level CAD for engineers, draftspersons, and others the architectural, civil engineering, construction, and mechanical industries, by Archway Systems
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