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Building Analysis - Products & Companies

  • Assemble Systems - BIM software integration platform, offers best-of-class BIM products to enable interoperability, visualization and change management
  • Astacus Labs - provides technologies based on CAD, BIM-systems, GIS
  • Beck Technology - software, service firm for commercial construction industry, based in Dallas, TX
  • Bentley - provides architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors with infrastructure software solutions, BIM modeling, structural analysis, more
  • BIMXchange - content management tool, works within Autodesk Revit, by CADworks
  • BIMware - offers CAE/CAD/CAM services for civil, structural, MEP engineering society
  • Bluebeam Software - offers tools for AEC market to create PDF, DWF files from Revit, AutoCAD files
  • buildingSMART - non-profit organization for open BIM
  • Building Controls Virtual Test Bed - open-source project, freely available software that links simulation programs like EnergyPlus, Modelica, Radiance, MATLAB/Simulink for co-simulation, from Berkeley Lab
  • CADD Microsystems, Inc. - offers BIM, CAD, FM products, services for building infrastructure
  • Cadimage - offers ArchiCAD tools, add-ons that can increase workflow efficiency, based in Auckland, New Zealand
  • CADLink - suite of programs for both HVAC and electrical design that works as stand-alone or within ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and Microstation, from Cymap Ltd
  • CGS - AEC software for construction, urban infrastructure, transportation
  • Collaboration Systems Group - focuses on AEC market in US, uses Revit Model Hosting Service, Riverbed Technology
  • ConstructionCalc - loads calculator, roof loads, snow loads, floor loads, wind, and seismic loading, wood beam calculator, square footing calculator, more
  • Cymap Mechanical - BIM software for performing routine, complex calculations, by CADline
  • CySpace - BIM software for use in early designing of plant rooms, risers in buildings, by CADline
  • Dalux - tool for building industry
  • DESTINI Estimator - software offers intelligent estimating technology for its estimator, team members, by Beck Technology
  • DOE-2 - calculates the hourly energy use and energy cost of commercial or residential building from information about building's climate, construction, operation, utility rate schedule, HVAC equipment
  • Eagle Point Software - offers software, tools, Pinnacle series training system relevant for AEC industry, based in Dubuque, IA
  • Energy Design Resources - this portal offers newsletters, virtual workshops, forum, suite of software, other related resources for designing, building energy-efficient commercial, industrial buildings in CA
  • ENERGY-10 - identifies best combination of energy-efficient strategies, including daylighting, passive solar heating, high-efficiency mechanical systems, from National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • EnergyPlus - energy simulation software for modeling buildings with associated heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating, from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Envisioneer - BIM tool to design in 2D/3D, construction documents, framing components, accurate material, cut lists in residential, commercial markets, by Cadsoft
  • eTransmit for Revit - add-in application for Revit architecture, structure, MEP software
  • FloVENT - predicts 3D airflow, heat transfer, contamination distribution in and around buildings, by Mentor Graphics
  • GeoPraxis - makers of Green Building Studio, gbXML, IDEA Server, web-based suite of tools for building design, engineering analysis
  • Get the Point - specialized in Autodesk's design application, BIM, CADD
  • GRAPHISOFT BIMx - 3D presentation tool for architects, sets standards for design communication, presentation
  • Green Building Studio - tool for designers, architects for building analysis, by Autodesk 
  • Green Design Tools - software suite for building energy simulation, analysis, containing VisualDOE 3.0, other analysis tools, from Eley Associates
  • Ideate BIMLink - standardize measurements, name conventions, parameter values in data via Excel then push processed data back into Revit model
  • IES - makers of <Virtual Environment> integrated suite of building design, simulation software, including thermal analysis, value engineering, cost planning, lifecycle analysis, airflow analysis, lighting, occupant safety
  • ideCAD Structural - analysis of 3D frames, loads, slabs, foundations, dynamics, more, by ideYAPI
  • INSTABIM - drag, drop BIM import tool, allows users
  • MicroFlo - CFD streamlined for building design, by IES
  • NoteVault - developer of mobile solutions for construction, infrastructure projects
  • Oasys - developers for structural, civil, architectural industries
  • OpenRail - applications, services for rail, transit infrastructure from design through operations, from Bentley
  • PointKnown - services for AEC, real estate industry, BIM models, floor plans
  • Prolog - construction project control, transparency to project-based organizations within AEC, commercial, public sectors
  • RevUp Render - provides cloud computing platform for AEC, video game design, motion graphics, RevUp COSMOS, RevUp Render Cloud
  • SOLAR-5 - displays 3D plots of hourly energy performance for an entire building or for any of 16 different components, including thermal mass heat flow, indoor air temperature, cost of electricity, heating fuel, from UCLA's Department of Architecture and Urban Design Free
  • Solibri Model Viewer - software for construction professionals for sharing, collaborate with cloud-based issue management solutions
  • Space Boundary Tool - tool for processing validated IFC files for purpose of BEM, from Berkeley Lab
  • Spirit - CAD software aimed at reducing cost risk, planning errors, meant for architects, planners, by SOFTTECH GmbH
  • SKUR - SaaS construction analytics company, headquartered in Oakland, CA
  • StrucSoft Solutions - distributor of BIM components for AEC market
  • Technical Sales International - provider of BIM services, tools to MEP, HVAC contractors for construction industry, offers CAD design manufacturing
  • TriGeo Technologies - provides BIM, MEP, HVAC, point cloud modeling, GIS
  • VIATechnik - construction company offers 3D, 4D BIM, point cloud to BIM, virtual realty services, based in Chicago, IL
  • Wrightsoft - right-suite modules for load calculation, energy analysis, radiant panel design, more
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