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  • Aide CAD Drawer - 2D CAD system to draw, edit designs, offers hundreds of symbols, different vector formats
  • ANVIL-1000MD - 2D CAD by IDC Digital Solutions
  • AutoCAD LT - (sites, reviews)
  • AutoSketch - entry-level CAD by Autodesk (reviews)
  • Batik - open source, Java-based toolkit for SVG (scalable vector graphics), allows to view, generate,  manipulate SVG images, by Apache XML Project.
  • CADStd - 2D CAD for Windows/Linux, Lite version is free, from Apperson & Daughters
  • DESI-III - 2D CAD application that uses European drawing standards. Free.
  • Draft It new - 2D CAD software for creating, saving, printing work, comes with powerful drawing tools, by Cadlogic. Free.
  • eDrawings - allows SolidWorks users to share 2D drawings via email with anyone who has Windows PC
  • ExpertCAD - 2D drafting package that allows users easy transition from drafting table to computer, from SofTech
  • Flipper CAD Control - ActiveX control for 2D drawing that allows users to add drawing capabilities to their applications, websites, active server pages, from ProWorks.
  • FREEdraft - basic 2D mechanical CAD program, Free.
  • General CADD Pro - 2D Windows-based CADD program featuring popular 2 letter command structure, macro language, GCD file compatibility
  • Graphite - 2D drafting by Ashlar-Vellum
  • JustCad - point-and-click 2D CAD program designed for those with little or no CAD experience
  • MacDraft- basic Macintosh 2D drafting package for architectural, engineering design, technical illustration, from Microspot (reviews)
  • MEDUSA - drafting, parametric design, from CAD Schroer (sites, reviews)
  • MPDS4 - plant design system, database-driven suite of plant engineering application, by CAD Schroer
  • nanoCAD - CAD application for 2D design
  • OneSpace Designer Drafting - complete 2D design, drafting tool for engineers, by CoCreate
  • PC Draft - basic Windows drafting application for architectural, engineering design, technical illustration, from Microspot (review)
  • PowerCADD - 2D drafting package for Macintosh PowerPC that offers enhanced color management capabilities, plug-ins for popular file formats, by Engineered Software
  • RealCADD - 2D Macintosh CAD program that works something like MacDraw but with more tools
  • SmartDraw - basic CAD program offers over 50,000 symbols, templates for drawing flowcharts, organizational charts, floor plans, technical diagrams, Web graphics, business presentations (review)
  • SmartSketch - by Intergraph (formerly Imagineer) (reviews)
  • Uni-Tool - 2D CAD suite to investigate wire, electrical cabinet schematics, relays, terminal strips, interfaces, load, voltage drop, protection devices, bills of materials, for project management, from Advanced EMC Solutions
  • ZWCAD - CAD for 2D, 3D drafting
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