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  • Food4Rhino - plug-in community service, by McNeel
  • RhinoJungle - community for shared knowledge on McNeel products, plug ins, tricks/ tips, resources; groups for various Rhino users, including jewelry designers, Grasshopper users, Rhino on Mac users, more
  • Rhino 3D Forum - online forum, by 3D CAD Forum
  • Rhino OSX - requires OS X 10.6, does not run on 10.5, plug-ins for Windows Rhino will not work with Rhino OS X 
  • Rhino Shack - upcoming community for help, discussions, tutorials on Rhino 3D
  • RhinoFabLab - blogs, forums, tutorials, event updates, links and resources on Rhino 3D, especially fabrication methods, processes
  • RhinoNest - community for Rhino networking
  • Scan & Solve -  forum sharing the vision of seamless integration between geometric design and physical simulation