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  • 5-step guide for learning T-Splines for Rhino - includes free sample models, drag mode video, user-interface videos, manipulators video, edit mode video
  • Arion for Rhinoceros - rendering tool for developing models, from RandonControl
  • Badger - batch renderer plug-in for Rhino 4.0, Rhino 5.0 32/64-bit
  • Bongo - animation plug-in for Rhino
  • Bonus Tools for Rhino 3.0 - list of free downloads in Service Release 4
  • Butterfly - plug-in for design of  heel, sole, ribbon, flower, bow for ladies’ shoe s
  • Brazil for Rhino - sampling, photon, processor core support, geometry interface filter, in-viewport sun position preview
  • CATIA V6 3D to Rhino - enables CAD data transfer, converts parts, assembly files, supports layer filter, chooses axis placement, by Datakit 
  • Clayoo - advanced clay modeling application for Rhino that creates any form efficiently and accurately, by TDM Solutions
  • Datakit - import/export plug-in, compatible with Rhino, adds CATIA import 
  • EvoluteTools LITE - plug-in for designing panelizations using multi-resolution mesh modeling, mesh optimization Free 
  • Flamingo nXt - histogram for image adjustment, lighting channel control, post-processes, support of render farm
  • Food4Rhino - plug-in community service, by McNeel 
  • GhPython - introduces Rhinoscript syntax to Grasshopper, provides .Net module, libraries 
  • Grasshopper - graphical algorithm editor integrated with Rhino’s 3D modeling tools
  • HoopSnake - component that allows feedback loops within Grasshopper 
  • Kangaroo - live physics engine for interactive simulation, optimization, form-finding directly within Grasshopper 
  • Karamba - parametric structural modeling
  • Lands Design - landscape designing or urban planner plug-in for Rhino
  • LastElf - 3D digital last design software based on Rhinoceros
  • Learning Rhino 5 - tutorial video, includes instructions, audio, easy-to-use interface, by Infinite Skills
  • LunchBox - plug-in for Grasshopper for mathematical shapes, structures, paneling, workflow, by Food4Rhino
  • madCAM - 3D CAM plug-in for Rhinoceros
  • Maxwell Fire - interactive technology for Rhino
  • Mesh2Surface - reverse engineering plug-in that allow users convert digitized objects from non-contact 3D scanners to CAD models
  • MeshFlatten for Rhino - plug-in for Rhinoceros 3.0, 4.0 for unfolding 3D mesh or surface to 2D mesh
  • Orca3D - ship-building plug-in software for hull design, hydrostatics, stability, track weight, center of gravity
  • Paneling Tools - plug-in includes notch option to ptFinEdges, ptExtrudeEdges command, local space bounding, ptPanelGridCustom command, GetPanelingGrid function, mesh module support to custom 3D component
  • Penguin - non-photorealistic renderer for Rhino, AutoCAD
  • planingRhino - add-in for planing craft resistance prediction for Rhino3D, by Boat Design Lab
  • Rhino3DPRINT - plug-in runs inside Rhinoceros 5.0 NURBS modeler with tools for preparation of 3D data, from MecSoft
  • RhinoAir - plug-in for photoreal, illustration, interactive rendering services for Rhino
  • RhinoCAM Art - converts artwork into geometry suitable for machine processing, by MecSoft Europe
  • RhinoCFD - CFD plug-in for Rhino3D, from CHAM
  • RhinoBIM - design tools through construction 
  • RhinoBlockTree - plug-in for Rhino, automates via clean user interface extraction of blocks organized Rhino to Excel
  • RhinoCAM - general purpose machining program targeted at the general machinist, axis milling, hole-making operations
  • Rhinoceros v5.0 - allows you to open and edit models that are much larger than you could in Rhino 4.0
  • RhinoGold - software for jewelry design, wood, metal manufacturing, by TDM Solutions
  • Rhinophoto - photogrammetry plug-in for 3D digitizing
  • Rhinophoto3D - eases photogrammetric modeling in Rhino, providing 3D digitization from photograph series automatically
  • RhinoNest - optimize part position, object orientation
  • RhinoPiping - plugin for Rhinoceros, 3D software application for piping design
  • rhino.Python - cross platform scripting for Rhino
  • RhinoVAULT - plugin for Rhino, offers geometry control, shapes masonry vaults, designs freeform shells, compression-only shapes, by EAT-A-BUG 
  • Rhino for architecture - book gives overview of tools in Rhino, plug-ins in AEC, by CorsiRhino.it
  • Rhino Piping - create piping networks in 3D environment, interfaces with engineering offices, purchasing, subcontracting, manufacturing, assembly, test
  • Rhino Membrane - plug-in for 2D/3D graphics, interface, architecture, mechanical/structural engineering Rhino, by food4Rhino
  • Scan&Solve Pro - plug-in analyzes assembly of components, wood materials, by Intact Solutions
  • SnSMesh - WIP plug-in for Rhino allowing structural simulation on native meshes in Rhino, by Intact Solutions
  • SectionTools - plug-in for Rhinoceros, dynamic 3D sectioning, 2D layout that updates with model changes
  • Slingshot - tools aimed at enabling interoperability, coordination between design software, by Grasshopper
  • SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface - Rhino functionality to generate finite element model for structural analysis 
  • TDM Solutions - software development company for design and manufacturing
  • T-Splines - create, edit organic CAD models for manufacturing, supports speed enhancements, optimizations 
  • Virtools Rhino3D Automation - automate 3D modeling
  • V-Ray for Rhino - plug-in offers visualization tool that generates images of unparalleled realism, by Chaos Group 
  • VisualARQ - Rhino plug-in for architecture
  • WeaverBird - plug-in for topological transformations in Rhino 4.0, smoothing, modifying, preparing meshes for rapid manufacturing technologies
  • Yeti - live programming interface for Rhino3D