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  • Component EDM (Empirical Dynamics Models) - enhances the speed and accuracy of virtual prototyping by using laboratory data to model complex suspension components such as shock absorbers, bushings, engine mounts and tires. From MTS Systems Corporation.
  • DIVISION Mockup - by PTC
  • EON Reality - immersive, stereoscopic display solution using standard LCD or DLP projectors
  • ESI Group - maker of virtual prototyping, virtual manufacturing software, including SYSTUS, simulation software that simulates mechanical processes involved in product life cycle
  • Functional Digital Aircraft - an integrated package of functional virtual prototyping software for use in the aircraft and aerospace/defense industries. From Mechanical Dynamics.
  • LMS Virtual.Lab - software package for simulation of performance of mechanical systems, by LMS
  • PZFlex - virtual prototyping software for applications like biomedical, naval, ultrasound, piezoelectric devices, by Weidlinger Associates
  • Virtalis - independent consultants, distributors working in 3D interactive visualization

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