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TenLinks Announces Best of SolidWorks University 2014

Gold, silver and bronze to nPower, ExactFlat, DriveWorks for software category, 3Dconnexion, MarkForg3D, NVIDIA and Stratasys for hardware

NOVATO, CA, Feb 20, 2014 - TenLinks, Inc., the largest online CAD, CAM and CAE network, has announced the winners of Best of Show for SolidWorks World 2014, recently concluded in San Diego, Jan 26-29, 2014.

With an attendance of 5,600, this annual user meeting of users of SolidWorks software is the largest gathering of MCAD users in the world. More than 100 companies show their products in the exhibit hall, making SolidWorks World an unequalled venue to see technology of interest to this community.

TenLinks was on hand with 13 judges, chosen from among the ranks of SolidWorks users,  to evaluate many of these products. The best of which were was nominated for consideration, and after voting, the Best of Show in Hardware and Software categories have been determined and are listed below.

"For the first time at a CAD event, real experts -- the power users -- were asked to determine the best tools on display," said Roopinder Tara, founder of TenLinks. "We are delighted to present the most useful and interesting of those to every SolidWorks user, most of where not able to attend SolidWorks World."

Products were chosen on the basis of:

  1. Enhance productivity of users of SolidWorks software
  2. Technology is of interest to CAD, CAM and CAE users

The winners of

Best of Show, Gold (Tied):
SpaceMouse Wireless, by 3Dconnexion

3D input device is a must for SolidWorks

See nomination on CAD Insider.


Best of Show, Gold (Tied):
MarkOne 3D Printer, by MarkForg3D

First 3D printer to create carbon fiber reinforced parts rocks SolidWorks World.

See nomination on CAD Insider.

Best of Show, Silver:

Powerful graphics hardware for SolidWorks users.

See nomination on CAD Insider.

Best of Show, Bronze:
Objet500 Connex3, by Stratasys

Multi-color, multi-material parts from professional 3D printer

See nomination on CAD Insider.

Best of Show, Gold:
Power Surfacing, by nPower

Awesome surfacing tools inside SolidWorks

See nomination on CAD Insider.

Best of Show, Silver:

Wrap soft, even stretchy material, over a SolidWorks part.

See nomination on CAD Insider.


Best of Show, Bronze:

Powerful rule-based engine creates configurations in SolidWorks.

See nomination on CAD Insider.

*Tied for Gold after judges voted and points were added.


A full description of the products, criteria for selection, and judges for SolidWorks World is available here http://www.tenlinksnetwork.com/shows/sww14/


TenLinks wishes to thank all judges who participated in the the selection, nominations and voting for the TenLinks Best of Show. The SolidWorks World 2014 judges were:

  • Josh Altergott
  • Lars Christensen
  • Deepak Gupta
  • Edson Gebo
  • Bradley Hakeman
  • Michael LaFleche
  • Jim Lucas
  • Brian McElyea
  • Elise Moss
  • Jason Pancoast
  • Ralph Grabowski
  • Ralf Steck
  • Roopinder Tara
  • Alin Vargatu

More about our judges can be found here.

For more information, please contact:

Roopinder Tara

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