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Large-Format Scanners

  • 3D ScanCo - engineering firm, offers 3D scanning solutions like scanners, scanning software
  • Basis Software - offers Surphaser 3D laser scanning systems, supplies OEM products to laser scanner manufacturers
  • Colortrac - large format color CCD, CIS scanners, scanning software with optimized color imaging performance, by SCANtopia.com
  • Contex - makers of color, monochrome wide-format, aperture card scanners 
  • Deskan 6 - motorized scanner, software, low cost large format from Shapemakers 
  • DotProduct 3D - handheld tablet-based scanner for 3D data capture, works on Android platform
  • Faro Focus - 3D laser scanner in S, M & X series for 3D documentation, surveying
  • FocalSpec - offers line confocal scanner, 3D sensors, burr height measurement systems, headquartered in Oulu, Finland
  • HD Ultra Series - scanner for professionals, reprographics department, by Contex
  • IDEAL Scanners and System - makers of large-format scanners, both color, monochrome, related hardware, software
  • imagePRO Scanners - large format CCD, CIS scanners with color imaging performance, by SCANtopia 
  • IQ Quattro Series - designed for multi-site network, scans oversized documents, by Contex
  • Konika Minolta - offers multi-format film scanners 
  • Laser Design - manufacturers of large 3D laser scanners, scanning software also offers engineering service for reverse engineering, inspection
  • Leica ScanStation - laser scanner, includes power supply, data storage, touch screen interface, video camera
  • Nextimage - wide-format scanning, copying software, by Contex 
  • Paradigm Imaging Group - large format scanning and printing solutions company
  • Rainforest 365 - software for controlling wide format scanner using smart phone or tablet, from Contex
  • Riegl - makers of 2D laser mirror scanners, 3D laser scanners
  • Roland DGA Corporation - makers of large-format scanning, milling, printing products
  • Scan Dimension - offers SOL 3D scanner, imaging, realization technology
  • Surface & Edge - specialized in 3D laser scanning
  • Tormach CNC Scanner - turns PCNC into 2D optical scanner, reverse engineering system
  • VIDAR - makers of large format scanner hardware, software
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