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Motion Capture Systems

  • Ascension Technology Corporation - makers of magnetic, optical, inertial trackers

  • BTS Bioengineering - provider of optoelectronic systems for motion analysis like SMART DX

  • Fastmocap - manufacturer of kinect motion capture software

  • InterSense - offers several motion capture and tracking systems, based on inertial, ultrasonic technologies, including InterTrax line

  • iPi Soft - offers motion capture software tool for professionals, based in Moscow, Russia

  • Microscribe - line of 3D digitizing devices that capture physical properties of objects, translate them into 3D models using points, lines, polygons, splines or NURBS, from Revware

  • Motion Analysis Corporation - makers of optical motion capture systems, including Realtime HiRES Motion Capture System, which simultaneously captures, displays 3D data; Solver, ExpertVision3D, Real-Time 3D systems, full-body capture systems 

  • OptiTrack - makers of VR tracking devices

  • Polhemus Navigation Sciences - developers of motion capture, magnetic tracking tools, including the real-time StarTrack wireless system

  • QUALISYS - makers of motion capturing applications

  • SimGraphics - developers of VActor System, which animates virtual characters from motion-captured performance of human actors in real-time

  • VICON - makers of motion tracking systems like Shogun, Nexus, Blade, Polygon, Vicon Control, Cara, Pegasus

  • Xsens MVN - software for full-body, wearable motion capture (Mocap) solutions