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3D Digitizers and Scanners

  • DiagnosticPRO Advantage - film digitizer with typical typical PACS applications, by Vidar
  • Diagnostic Pro Edge - film digitizer that delivers highest quality images with reliability, consistency, double scanning speed, by Vidar
  • FastSCAN II -handheld, lightweight scanner for creating instant real-time 3D images, by Polhemus
  • Handyscan 3D - self-positioned hand-held 3D scanner, by Creaform
  • Immersion Corporation - makers of 3D capture products MicroScribe 3D,line off 3D digitizing devices that capture the physical properties of objects and translate them into 3D models using points, lines, polygons, splines or NURBS, and LightScribe 3D,system that combines video camera, hand-held laser stylus, and image-processing software to create digital version of physical object that rotates on computer-controlled turntable
  • Konica Minolta - manufactures, sells high accuracy 3D scanners including Range, VIVID series, ThreeRivers
  • Laser Design - provides 3D laser scanning systems and services, used for capturing the 3D shape of objects with complex geometries and free-form surfaces, patented laser line-probe technology, Minneapolis, MN
  • Leica ScanStation C10 - laser scanner with real-time streaming video, smart x-mirror design, compatible with standard surveying equipment
  • Leica ScanStation P16 - scanning system with touch screen interface, WLAN remote control
  • Leica ScanStation P40 / P30 - 3D laser scanner supports 3D data, HDR imaging
  • LMI Technologies - offers FlexScan 3D, 3D scanner that lets anyone create digital 3D models directly from physical objects
  • Mantis Vision - develops user-centric 3D scanning technologies, allows creating accurate 3D models, headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel
  • MaxSHOT 3D - generates positioning models that can be used with Handyscan 3D, HandyPROBE, MetraSCAN products to determine their repositioning around object for scanning or probing
  • Nikon Metrology - offers CMM scanning, handheld scanning, point cloud software
  • NVision - high-end 3D laser digitizing products, services
  • Quantapoint - 3D laser scanner service delivers digital plant models, proprietary hardware produces surface like data, not point clouds
  • Roland DGA Corp - makers of 3D scanning and modeling devices, including the MDX line
  • ShapeGrabber - designs, manufactures, sells industrial 3D laser scanners ideal for measuring complex shapes, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario
  • Trios - allows fast, easy, accurate intra oral 3D scanning, by 3Shape
  • Virtek - makers of LaserQC inspections system
  • Z+F UK - 3D laser scanning services, products include PROFILER, IMAGER, M-CAM Camera
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