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Computer Companies

  • BOXX - visual effects in computing system
  • Compaq - new high-end workstations with Alpha chip
  • Core Microsystems - 3D workstations for CAD, 3D animation, non-linear editing
  • Dell Computer Corporation - makers of workstations, notebooks, desktops, servers, storage, handheld, peripheral devices
  • Eurocom - develops upgradable notebooks, mobile servers, high performance mobile workstations supporting RAID 0/1/5/10 with upto 4 hard drives
  • Gateway
  • HP - technology company, offers product portfolio, operates in more than 170 countries
  • HPC Cluster - certified cluster for CAE with Xeon processor, allows simulate, analyse, visualize complex data intensive models faster, by Intel
  • HPC Systems - manufacturer, integrator of high performance computers such as quad, 8-way Opteron servers, customized server, storage systems, more
  • IBM
  • Intel - cloud computing, data center, IoT, PC solutions
  • Lenovo - PCs, ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, ThinkStation, ThinkServer
  • Microgeo SA - Autodesk Certification Center, provider of CAD, CAM, CAE computers, peripherals, software and training, headquartered in Santiago, Chile
  • Microsoft - multinational computer manufacturers
  • NextComputing - designs portable graphics workstations
  • Nimbix - provides cloud-based high performance computing infrastructure, HPC applications
  • Paragon Development Systems - makers of desktops, workstations, also offers services, support, build-to-order systems 
  • Polywell Computers - desktop PCs, RISC-based workstations, multiprocessor servers, SAN/NAS storage products
  • RenderStream - develops 3D Workstations, render servers, gaming, HPC systems
  • SGI (Silicon Graphics) - makers of SGI Zx10TM visual workstation. Also produce NT machines
  • Sony Computing
  • Sun Microsystems Inc. - makers of chips, boards, workstations, peripherals, many other hardware, software tools
  • Super Micro Computer, Inc. - green computing services for cloud computing, datacenter, enterprise IT, HPC
  • TouchSystems - designs, manufactures, distributes touch screens, monitors, all-in-one touch computers
  • TriStar - workstations, servers configured specifically for CAD/CAM environment since 1988
  • Xi Computer Corporation - specializes in system integration of high-end workstations for AutoCAD