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Computer Hardware - Graphics Cards

  • 3Dlabs - makers of the Oxygen and Wildcat series of graphics accelerators 
  • AMD - makers of microprocessors, includes AMD Athlon, AMD Duron processors, game consoles
  • Cirrus Logic - precision linear circuits and advanced mixed-signal chips
  • Hercules Computer Technology, Inc.
  • Kyro - 3D graphics and video accelerator, from STMicroelectronics
  • Matrox Electronic Systems - offers hardware/software services for video, graphics, imaging, machine vision applications 
  • Meta SoC Processor - embedded processors using hardware multi-threading to combine both general purposes, DSP capabilities, by Imagination Technology
  • Number Nine Visual Technologies
  • NVIDIA - makers of 3D graphics chips for PCs, laptops, Power PC Macs, including Quadro DCC graphics board
  • Sun Microsystems Inc.
  • Z220 Workstation - affordable, energy efficient workstation with high-end graphic cards, processors, 3D visualization, from HP