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  1. Knovel Unit Converter - offers multiple scientific notation systems, control significant digits Free
  2. Google - type math equation or conversion right into Google (example: 56*45 or "4 liters in cubic inches"
  3. CIMT - centre is focussed on research, curriculum development in mathematics teaching, learning
  4. Unit Converters.net - list of converters like engineering, heat, fluid, light, electricity, magnetism, radiology, more
  5. Quad-Lock Unit Converter - freeware tool for unit conversions
  6. ESBUnitConv - unit conversion tool, covers about 613 units in 21 different measurement categories Free
  7. WinConverter - unit conversion software suitable for students of engineering, physics, sciences, technical subjects
  8. Measurement Units - reference to globally agreed system of units, with seven base units, from National Physical Laboratory
  9. Unit Converter - calculator to do all types of unit conversion, by MathsIsFun
  10. Wyzant - information about common English, metric, universal measurement units, also includes English to English conversions