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Mathematics Software

  • Altair Compose - offers calculations, manipulating, visualizing data, programming, debugging scripts
  • Attune - test-analysis correlation, model updating tool for generating test-verified FE models, by ATA Engineering
  • Axiom - open source algebra system, developed by IBM
  • Cadabra - open source math software for dealing with complex algebraic problems found in field theory Free
  • Cinderella - interactive geometry for Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • CoolSim - data center CFD modeling, design software for airflow modeling, management
  • CoCalc - web service allows online, collaborative calculation in cloud
  • CoCoA - offers computing with multivariate polynomials Free
  • Dr. Hanley's Science Graphs - allows users to graph algebraic equations using equation editor, solve up to second-order non-linear ordinary differential equations
  • Euler Math Toolbox - math program combining numerical, symbolic tools Free
  • GAP - open source software, system for computational discrete algebra Free
  • GeoGebra - 3D math software for solving equations, graph functions, create constructions, analyze data
  • GraphSketch - tool for creating graphs of polynomial, trigonometric, exponential functions, no download required Free
  • IMAT - utilities that form interface between MATLAB, analysis, test, by ATA Engineering
  • JMP - statistical software for number crunchers and graphs, for PC, Mac, by SAS software
  • JXCirrus Maths - maths training application for primary school children Free
  • KarnaughMap - interactive Boolean algebra calculator Free
  • Kornucopia ML - MATLAB tool for use in experimental, test, research, simulation environments, by Bodie Technology
  • MACSYMA - symbolic-numerical-graphical mathematics software for solving problems, from swMATH
  • Maple - research, development software offering breadth, depth, performance to handle every type of mathematics, by Maplesoft
  • MapleNet - adds mathematical computations, visualizations to web, desktop applications
  • MapleSim - physical modeling/simulation tool built on symbolic computation technology, handles mathematics involved in engineering models development, plant modeling, control design 
  • Maplesoft - makers of Maple for mathematics, MapleSim for physical modeling, simulation
  • Maple TA - web-based system for creating assignments, supports complex, free-form entry of mathematical equations, by Maplesoft
  • Math Editor - equation editor runs on MS Windows machines with .Net framework installed, allows creation of mathematical equations, from Mathiversity Free
  • MathDaisy - saves document in DAISY digital talking book format, by Design Science
  • Mathematica - general purpose math problem solver, by Wolfram Research
  • MathFlow - offers display, editing, accessibility of mathematical notations for applications, websites, services, by Design Science 
  • Math Mechanixs - general purpose math software program compatible with Microsoft Windows, comes with math editor to to compose full color 2D & 3D graphs
  • MathPlayer - MathML display engine for Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, by Design Science
  • Mathsay - mathematical software for graphical calculations
  • Math Solver - scientific calculator for drawing graph based on solution Free
  • MathType - interactive equation editor for Windows, Mac, create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, TeX, LaTeX, MathML documents, from Design Science
  • MATLAB - language, interactive environment, allows computational intensive tasks, by MathWorks
  • Maxima - open source software solves algebra, symbolic, numerical expressions including differentiation, integration, by MIT
  • Microsoft Mathematics - offers graphing calculator that plots in 2D, 3D, tools required to solve equations step-by-step
  • MLAB - tool for mathematical, statistical exploration, solves simulation, modeling problems such as chemical kinetics
  • O-Matrix - provides analysis and data visualization capabilities, matrix-oriented language, integrated debugging, algorithm profiling, Rapid Application Development tools, from Harmonic Software
  • OPC Toolbox - provides connection to OPC DA/OPC HDA servers, giving access to OPC data directly from MATLAB, Simulink, by MathWorks
  • PARI/GP - computer algebra system designed for computations in number theory
  • Photomath - android app for solving complex math equations, large calculations by just taking picture via app
  • PTC Mathcad - math software for performing, analyzing, documents, share calculations easily
  • QMentat - mental arithmetic practice program Free
  • QuickMath - online equation solving, plotting
  • SageMath - open-source mathematics software system licensed under GPL Free
  • Simscape Multibody - multibody simulation environment for 3D mechanical systems, by MathWorks, formally called SimMechanics
  • Simulink Code Inspector - compares generated code with source model for code-review objectives in DO-178, provides model-to-code, code-to-model traceability analysis, by MathWorks
  • Simulink Design Verifier - indentifies design errors in models, highlights blocks containing errors, calculates signal-range boundaries, generates test vector, by MathWorks
  • Simulink Verification and Validation - automates requirements tracing, test-harness generation, modeling standards compliance checking, modeling standards checks, by MathWorks
  • SMath Studio - mathematical program with WYSIWYG editor, complete units of measurements support Free
  • SpeQ - mathematics program for defining variables, functions, plot graphs of functions
  • SymPy - Python library for symbolic mathematics
  • TK Solver - original equation processor by UTS
  • Vibrate - dynamics toolkit to predict stress, deflection to transient, harmonic, random, response spectrum excitation, by ATA Engineering
  • VisualLab - format-free , syntax-free math tool, covers math related to science, engineering, statistics, from Cao Technology
  • webMathematica - add interactive calculations to the web, by Wolfram Research
  • xFunc - application for graphing functions, calculating complex mathematical expressions, performing logical operations, by Softpedia
  • XL 4 Simulation - offers custom Excel Add-ins, functions, worksheet macros, COM add-ins for analyzing concepts, designs without advanced FEA or CFD software, by Eriez Technologies