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Free Math Stuff

  • AdaptedMind - pick math grade for practice lessons
  • Calc 3D - mathematical graph, charting software for geometry, statistics
  • Calculators.org - math, science resource offers online calculators, conversion tools
  • Coolmath.com - math lessons on topics like Algebra, pre-calculus
  • Coolmath-Games.com - math games based on strategy, skill, numbers, logic
  • Doctor Genius - online math exercises for kids
  • GeoGebra - tool to solve equations, graph functions, create constructions, analyze data, explore 3D math
  • iPracticeMath - online math practice lessons based on problem categories
  • IXL Learning - math, language practice lessons for pre-k, kindergarten, first to tenth grade kids
  • KarnaughMap - interactive Boolean algebra calculator
  • Maths Chase - provides math learning through games
  • Math.com - online basic, advanced math lessons
  • Mathscribe - dynamic graphing, modeling, solving, formula editing software Free
  • Math is Fun - plus puzzles, games, worksheets, illustrated math dictionary, more
  • Math Mammoth - provider of free math stuff including samples, worksheets of math books, assessment tests, math videos
  • MathPapa - online math training for kids
  • Math Playground - online math, logic games, math arcade, story math, math videos
  • Maths Resources - collection of math goodies like math questions, time table, interactive maths, lesson planner
  • Kids Math Games - math jokes, mind boggling brain teasers, incredibly big numbers, cool equations, some fun math games for kids
  • ThatQuiz - test creation, online administration and grading service for teachers Free
  • WebMATH - practice math exercises, handling raw numbers

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