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AutoLISP Sites

  1. Cadopolis.com - AutoCAD shareware, forums, links
  2. FreeCADapps.com - thousands of AutoCAD shareware programs (formerly CADalog.com), by IB Systems
  3. DotSoft - offers a variety of routines and utilities (look under the Free Stuff section), newsletter
  4. xarch AutoCAD LISP Search - many programs collected from various publications with keyword search engine but much of it is a few years old
  5. Standard AutoLISP Library - FTP site with many LISP routines but lacking descriptions, by Reini Urban
  6. Freebies for AutoCAD - dozens of AutoLISP files courtesy of Owen Wengerd, Manusoft
  7. cadstudio - downloadable applications, files, patches, utilities, macros, libraries, viewers
  8. AutoLISP files - a short list from SimpleCAD
  9. suggest a site
  10. suggest a site
  • CADDee.com - several AutoCAD utilities, including BlockAid and Layer Lexicon, both picked as CADdepot.com Tool of the Week
  • M8Tools.com - batch change/plot/purge AutoCAD drawings, from R12 to 2002, and to create over 8000 different styles of leader lines, also a few free tools