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Surface Modeling Software

  • AeroHydro - MultiSurf, focusing on marine design, SurfaceWorks, for SolidWorks users
  • Alias - SurfaceStudio for technical surfacing, offers advanced free-from modeling, point cloud data, reverse engineering, real time surface diagnostics
  • Cobalt - Ashlar Vellum's high-end modeler, with parametric, free-form surfaces, NURBS, ACIS (replaces Vellum Solids) (sites)
  • Geomagic - offers products to create 3D content (Geomagic Studio 2012, Geomagic Wrap 2012) for reverse engineering, product design, rapid prototyping and analysis
  • Geomagic Freeform - provides 3D modeling of complex, highly detailed, organic shapes for prototyping, manufacturing
  • GWN-SURF - surface modeling software comes with contouring capabilities, profiling, slope analysis, from Scientific Software Group
  • ICEM Surf - software for creation, development of Class surfaces, by ICEM
  • IntegrityWare - offers software, services for 3D geometric modeling, graphics technology, including POPLib, polygon optimization library, TSLib, for developing NURBS-based curves, surfaces, trimmed surfaces, solids or open shells
  • MESHTRANSFORMER - module to transform CAD surfaces (NURBS, Bezier) using information from simulator, by CAMM
  • MoI - UI for mechanical, hard surface modeling, from Triple Squid Software Design
  • Nevercenter - developers of SILO 3D modeling tool
  • OmniCAD - 3D surface modeler, CAD integrated with 2D environment, for sheet metal mold, die designing, creating 3D models, by CAMM
  • Pilot3D - trimmed NURBS surface 3D modeling program, from New Wave Systems
  • RevWorks - software for creating feature-based CAD models, freeform surfaces directly from digitized part data, supports FARO, ROMER, MicroSCRIBE, CMM's, by Revware
  • Rhino - NURBS-based conceptual design, free-form curve, surface, solids modeling tool for industrial, product, scene designers (reviews) also available: Flamingo plug-in for creating photorealistic, still, animation image files from 3D models inside Rhinoceros, by Robert McNeel & Associates
  • RhinoPhoto - photogrammetry plug-in for Rhino, provides contact less digitalization, by Qualup SAS
  • RhinoResurf - reverse engineering plug-in for Rhino, works for reconstruction of NURBS surface geometry from mesh, point cloud, by RESURF
  • SCC (Survey Control Center) Surface Modeling - land survey, modeling package, from Atlas Computers, Dublin, Ireland
  • solidThinking - concept modeling aimed at industrial designers, by Gestel, Italy
  • T-Splines - makers of 3D surface modeling tools
  • Surfer - 2D, 3D mapping, modeling software with analysis tools, from Golden Software
  • VISI Modelling - surface modelling, solid modelling software, by Vero
  • VRMesh - sketch-based free-form 3D polygonal modeling software, by VirtualGrid